We need DCC Dragaera

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We need DCC Dragaera

Post by finarvyn »

Pretty much what's in the subject line.

Dragaera, for those not familiar, is a series of novels by Steven Brust. I'll confess that I've only read around half of the series, and one thing which is a little strange is that odd numbered books are "present day" while even numbered ones are "in the past" (at least for the ones I've read) so chronological order and published order are very different.

1. Jhereg
2. Yendi
3. Teckla
4. Taltos
5. Verra
6. Athyra
7. Orca
8. Dragon
9. Issola
10. Dzur
11. Jhegaala
12. Iorich
13. Tiassa
14. Hawk
15. Vallista

While well after the creation of "Appendix N" these books still retain a lot of the flavor. Magic, assassins, wry humor, lots of in-depth background.

Thoughts or comments?
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Re: We need DCC Dragaera

Post by Oldskolgmr »

Excuse me for coming late to this post (I just joined).

I think that would be an excellent mix (I love Steven Brust's work).
I also recommend the Khaavren romances (also Dragaera).
I think it might be hard to deal with the magics, and classes used though. (I'm reminded of Giants in the Earth from Dragon, was Conan a Fighter/Thief? What about a level of Ranger?)
Treating Magic (or Sorcery) as background technology may work.
That's all I have off hand.
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