Original Adventures Reincarnated

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Original Adventures Reincarnated

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Excited to hear that X1 will be out shortly. Original Adventures Reincarnated Volume 1 was outstanding.i especially like the interviews and notes. Well done sticking the dungeon with interesting subplots! I hope that X1 follows suit.

I imagine that intention of the the Original Adventures Reincarnated is to be able to faithfully reproduce classic modules without stepping on the toes of the copywriter holders limitiations. With that being said I imagine that this will limit the certain pool of “classic” adventuress. As well it seems that the classic AD&D line will be hugged closely by the copyright holders.

It is my assumption that you guys will be drawing mostly from B series and X series modules prior to the establishment of Mystara within the TSR timeline. Meaning probably no content published after the Red Box introduction. So more than likely that will make B3, B4, X2 and UK1 your most likely to appear next.

If that is the case. I would prefer X2. It would be nice to have more of Averionge detailed. Since the copywrite holders are stingy with the Mystara stuff you could recreate with a heavy Clark Ashton smith flavor.

Secondly B3 for the same reason that detailing the lost city would be a great opportunity to give it a Howard, Lovecraft or De Camp feel to the deeper levels. Zargon is a baddy that I’ve always felt should rival Demogorgon or Tiamat in my opinion.

Sorry the powers that be won’t let us help you out early with kickstarters!

Thanks again and good luck!
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