adventure formats

A forum for discussing how to design adventure modules. This will provide a place to follow up on conversations at our Gen Con seminar on adventure writing.

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adventure formats

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hello all I am new to the forum and this is my first post.

I am a long time gamer and sometime GM. I have run many canned adventures and written several of my own. Currently I am trying to write a longer campaign based on the PC's joining a thieves guild. what I need right now is advice on formatting. I want the adventure to be more polished than usual, setup is such a way that someone other than me could run it. Does anyone know were i could find a template or organizational advice?
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Re: adventure formats

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The Delve format was described in a Design & Development article. The early 4E Dungeon issue before the subscription service was turned on could be used as examples.

You could always pickup a new Dungeon Crawl Classic.
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