A Fistful of Zinjas

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A Fistful of Zinjas

Post by Count Zero »

I saw this on the Coming Soon page and was curious if there was a release date for it?
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Re: A Fistful of Zinjas

Post by goodmangames »

It's shipped from the printer, and will be in stores the week of May 18.
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Re: A Fistful of Zinjas

Post by vagen »

Just finished reading it and its awesome.

My only real concern is I'm not sure the inclusion of mooks was still necessary, with 4th edition, since the minion class pretty much is the same thing, at least in spirit if not exact ruling. But I can't wait to run my people through it.

Can't wait to see whats next though.

Keep up the good work all.
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Re: A Fistful of Zinjas

Post by finarvyn »

I've really enjoyed the other modules in this series and have high hopes for this one. I kind of wish that "the look" hadn't changed so much , though...

The other modules in the series had a certain look and feel. The artwork of the cover looks soooo different.....
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