Remembering WFF

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Remembering WFF

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I was rummaging through some old boxes and happened to find my stack of WFF modules, so I had to sit down and reread some of that stuff. It's too bad that WFF wasn't promoted more as a "new" RPG system, because I think that those were some of the best d20 modules that I can recall from that era. The attitude of the modules, the rules tweaks to make the game fast and fun, those things were so awesome and maybe more support at the time would have caused this product line to take off.

All water under the bridge, I know, as GG has moved to DCC RPG and the gaming world at large has mostly moved away from d20 as a product line, but I had to say that when I dusted off the modules and looked at them again I couldn't avoid those "what if" thoughts. 8)
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