WFF 4e

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WFF 4e

Post by joela »

Any talk/notice/rumor if WFF will make the jump to 4e?
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Post by goodmangames »

I'll give you a rumor... "maybe"... ;)
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Post by mythfish »

goodmangames wrote:I'll give you a rumor... "maybe"... ;)
I will go out on a limb and confirm this rumor that WFF may or may not go over to 4e.

You're welcome. :)
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WFF is going 4e!

Post by joela »

Just read the PR. Coolio.
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Post by tadk »

Well, I for one hope if it does go 4E that it has 3.x/d20 Modern stat blocks also, as I am not going 4.0, heck i didnt get any new books for 3.5.
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Re: WFF 4e

Post by lonewolf23k »

I think WFF would work perfectly in 4e. Especially since some rules, like Mooks and "The Big Badass" already have 4e equivalents, in the form of Minions and Solo monsters. And it should be easy enough to adapt Finishing Moves as an alternative to Coup de Grace..
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Re: WFF 4e

Post by finarvyn »

WFF works well in pre-4E and I agree that it should work in 4E also. It's just a shame that 3E and 4E are so different, because that means I need to do some major converting if I want to use the same characters in all of the modules. (I was running the WFF modules as a mini-campaign with characters not part of my usual game. Kind of a bother that part of the series fits one edition and the rest fits the other.)
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