Are any WFF's suitable for 2 player games (DM + 2 players)?

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Are any WFF's suitable for 2 player games (DM + 2 players)?

Post by stripes »

I have a regular game group of 4 players, but some weeks 2 of them can't make it. I'm looking for a "off weeks" thing to run.

The WWF's look like they have the kind of flavor I would want in a irregularly scheduled game.

Are any suitable or trivially modifiable for two players rather then four?

(I'll also gladly accept non-WFF suggestions)
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Post by goodmangames »

They're all designed for a default party (typically four players), but they do include scaling instructions for adjusting the encounters to weaker parties. The instructions are very specific so they're easy and quick to execute. The only one that doesn't have scaling instructions is WFF #0: Temple of Blood (which is too short, at 16 pages, to include them). So you could easily make it work with WFF #1: Rumble in the Wizard's Tower, WFF #2: Against the Iron Giant, and the soon-to-be-announced WFF #3: Throwdown with the Arm-Ripper.
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Post by Ogrepuppy »

goodmangames wrote:WFF #3: Throwdown with the Arm-Ripper.
What a name. That's a must-have just for the title alone!
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