Errata & Notes: Temple of Blood (WFF#0)

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Errata & Notes: Temple of Blood (WFF#0)

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My unofficial errata for WFF#0:

p. 10, Blood Spirit: This ghost is a 1st-level cleric, so has 3 x 0 level and 2+1 x 1st-level spells, the rebuke undead ability, and two domains (most likely two of Death, Destruction, and Evil).

p. 12, Belzin Darr: His race, class, level, and Int should give him 15 skill points total, but he only has (4+5+5=14). Raise Concentration to +5.

p. 15, Walking Wormling: Undead already get immunity to mind-affecting effects as part of their creature type.
Tim Emrick, Keeper of the Freeport Errata
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