Anything else?

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Anything else?

Post by vagen »

So, I'm a huge fan of WFF and was wondering if anything new was on the horizon or if it was pretty much done at this point? I'm sure I already know the answer to this question since its been over a year since anything new has come out but, I'm an optamist so figured I'd ask anyway.

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Re: Anything else?

Post by finarvyn »

I agree. The Wicked Fantasy Factory modues were among my favorites. (Well, the first ones were. I never bought the 4E one.) I'd love to see more of this product line! 8)
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Re: Anything else?

Post by goodmangames »

You are indeed an optimist. :) Sorry to say but I don't have anything new for WFF in the works.
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Re: Anything else?

Post by Jezza »

That's a shame. I ran my Monday group through a Pathfinder-ized version of WFF#2 as a side quest in our Serpent's Skull campaign a couple of months ago and we had a great time.
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Re: Anything else?

Post by mxyzplk »

I agree; I've used Wizard's Tower and Arm-Ripper in my current Pathfinder campaign. I'd buy more!
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