Poll of actions for Chapter 2

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Where would you like to go?

Poll ended at Sat Nov 19, 2005 12:33 am

Go North (back into the core of Niddirpik's Reach)
Go East (after the dragon)
No votes
Go South (after Neddirpik)
Go West (into Dwarven territory)
No votes
Total votes: 2

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Poll of actions for Chapter 2

Post by Charke »

Destiny of Steam and Steel
Action Poll

I've built a pole to decide what actions we are going to take. It's kind of a moot point with three players but I wanted to play with the technology.

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Post by Reese »

I hadn't realized we were launched off of Nedderpik. (I should have)

I would vote that we go after nedderpik because:

a: reward money (we drove the dragon off, mission accomplished!)
b: damaged mech, we're in no condition to go galivanting off anywhere
c: all my stuff is in my room in nedderpik :eek:

I'll cast an actual vote after I see other people's opinions.
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Post by Raptor »

I'd like to go after the dragon, but it isn't a major priority. I would like to see what might be salvageable on the battlefield, before heading back to Nedderpik. We might be able to find replacement parts, or a mech with an unbreached water tank to refill Hemisphere's tanks.
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Post by Orin »

I second the above post. Salvage first.
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