DSS Character: Cassius Black

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DSS Character: Cassius Black

Post by Cas »

Cassius "Cas" Black
Age:17, male, hight: 6'0, weight: 150, eyes: Blue, Hair: Blond, Skin: pale white. (looks like avatar)

Mech Jokey 5
Medium Sized huminoid (Human) HP:41 AC:17 touch14 Flat-foot:13 Init:4

STR 15
DEX 19
CON 16
INT 15
WIS 15
CHA 15

Fort: 4
Ref: 8
Will: 3
Grapple: 5

Base attack: +3
Mech attack: +5

Skills: (64 points total)
Climb-6 Craft(Mechcraft)-11 Diplomacy-6 Gather Info-4 Knowledge(Mechs)-11 Knowledge(Steam engines)-11 Listen-10 PilotMech-12 Spot-10
Mechwalker, Natural Pilot, Exotic Wep. Prof.

Chatter Sword
Steam gun
Pilots Armor
Deft-Handed Cutpurse
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Post by Charke »

Looks fine!

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