Destiny of Steam and Steel II: To the Moon

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Destiny of Steam and Steel II: To the Moon

Post by Charke »

Destiny of Steam and Steel
To the Moon

DSS: To the Moon
"A king's ransom to the one who can build a device capable of reaching the moon and taking the battle to the heart of the lunar menace."

It wasn't a sign, so much as a billboard, the words painted across several buildings.

Hemisphere lumbered back into town, more or less intact. Spatz eased off on several throttles and the machine slowed. Crench kicked out a metal bar holding a lever in place, a large cog began to turn and Hemisphere ground to a shop. The gnomish brothers parked the collosal mech.

"Thought process, cycle down the glodsteam charger."


A metal clockwork puppet moved from a control position and flipped several switches on the wall. A vibration that hummed like a song through the metal titan quieted and vanished.

"Sounds like someone wants to go to the moon." Spatz grunted.
"We could finish the portal with cash like that." Crench said.

"The portal is a waste of time but this, this might be important." Hammer said.

Comming Soon
Design (just for fun) a dragonmech spaceship and equipment for surviving on the moon! Struggle against a band of lunar worshipers determined to get their first and stop you at all costs!
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Post by Orin »

Is there any info available on what the moon's surface is actually like - because my impression from all the lunar creatures and temples and so on is that it probably has a breathable atmosphere.
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