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Medieval fantasy mechs powered by steam, magic, or the labor of a thousand slaves.

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Just a little help

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Hello fellow gamers.
I was a huge 3.5 gamer, more so DM. Just always enjoyed narrating the story and coming up with epic scenarios to run my players through. Then life happens and i took some time off bought a house and such. So now getting back into it and looking to write some more cool sh*t to run. As i didnt want to continue with the same worlds and so i was on a hunt and found Dragonmech. How in the world did i ever overlook this gem for so many years. Goodman this is gold. My wheels have been burning the rubber off from reading the core book and so i dug deeper. Currently i have purchased all books with the exception of the adventure module and i believe its called the first age of the walkers. Although i have only skimmed most of them i have read fully the core and the steam magic manual and today i began reading the almanac of the traders.

Soooooo goodman games... without me crashing through your forums and googling until my eyes bleed and my fingers are nubs can someone please point me in the direction of any info. Adventures, npcs, mechs, and mostly maps. The almanac of the traders is sooooo good and juicy but where are all the maps? I dont care if it was a couple of boxes with a compass on the side. Just something i could work off of and not have to work on.

Hoping to hear back from someone. Hoping this game hasnt been overlooked or set aside as i made that mistake and am now kicking myself in the butt for it.

Love this setting and as of now i will probably be running this campaign for the next year or so. My hats off to you for this one. Thank you in advance.
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