Importing Material from Other Sources

Medieval fantasy mechs powered by steam, magic, or the labor of a thousand slaves.

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Importing Material from Other Sources

Post by Sivartius »

Dragonmech is a whole lot of fun. The setting is well developed, and for the most part the internal consistency holds together.

That being said, one of the things I love about DnD is that there are so many books from so many different publishers that if you find something you like, you can take elements from other publications to flesh it out.

So I was wondering what other sources other people tend to draw on. Is there anything to port over from Etherscape? (I don't have any of those books yet.) Has anyone added/replaced the domains of the Vessel of Delthak with one like the Steamworks domain from Steam and Steel? Have you brought in new mech weapons from another book like the Ultimate Equipment Guide 2 or Airships by Bastion Press?

Or has anyone ported Dragonmech rules into another game? I was thinking that they could be used to create an interesting game about the descendents of explorers trapped in Mechanus.

I've already got just about all the Dragonmech books, but are there any books (besides D&D core) that you believe are a must-have for the best steampunk-ish game?
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