New Mech Ideas: Gibbering Giant and Manticore

Medieval fantasy mechs powered by steam, magic, or the labor of a thousand slaves.

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New Mech Ideas: Gibbering Giant and Manticore

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Hey everyone. I recently had a couple ideas for new mechs, and one in particular seems like it could create a good campaign arc. So I'll start with that one:

Gibbering Giant

Developed by a necromancer in service to Jyl Tandaavi and Sharlorn the Necropolis, the gibbering giant prominently features the heads of numerous sentient beings, constantly spewing a cacophony of madness. Prominently featured, however, are the remains of a lunar dragon. Its maker, Nash Lazaresen, incorporated the lunar dragon remains as part of an experimental new offensive against the lunar menace. Knowing the madness-inducing qualities of the gibbering mouther and its cousin the gibbering orb, Nash sought to recreate such an effect through the tortured wails of countless restless spirits. By including a lunar dragon, he hoped to "translate" the wails into a form the lunar monstrosities understood and thereby overcome their resistance to mental effects. Unfortunately, Nash miscalculated and incorporated too much lunar spirit into the Gibbering Giant, himself going mad in the process. The Gibbering Giant and Nash now serve Andakakilogitat. Jyl has not taken this betrayal lightly.

Two words. Wand-spikes. Because wands have limited charges, they can run out eventually. What then? What if they run out in battle? The basic idea of the Manticore is to have easily ejected and replaced wands. Drawing inspiration from the manticore it is named after, this mech can fire spent wands as a form of ammunition, with lingering traces of magic enough to cause the wands to detonate upon impact. If a wand is fired with charges remaining, the detonation becomes more potent. Moreover, having the mech coated in wand-spikes gives it a distinct advantage in grappling - contact with the wands can deliver the spells via touch, without using any action on the pilot's part.
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