Adventure Guide maps

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Adventure Guide maps

Post by snakewing »

Yet another section of the WOTC site I was able to find, 'maps of the week'. Just so some of you know, some of the maps don't look like actually maps, just pictures.

Aquatic Adventure
maps of an undersea cavern

Arctic Adventure ... 0020131x,0
maps for a possible winter adventure

Desert Adventure ... 0010927x,0
maps detailing a desert labrynith

Swamp Adventure ... 84S221.jpg
map of a potential elven fort (or any race for that matter)

Underdark Adventure ... 0020328a,0
maps for a cave supposedly inhabited by a group of giant spiders (can you say drider?). ... 0001201x,0
Maps of Dwarven mines. This starts on the surface and works its way down into the ground one level at a time.
cave ruins which could work be either drow or dwarf.

I found a few maps which would work as maps that harken back to Dungeon Crawl Classics maps, so I might post them later under 'other products'.

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Re: Adventure Guide maps

Post by losloris »

Here is a resource that can also help when creating a map:

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