Fun with AI.

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Fun with AI.

Post by rytrasmi »

I found a tool that can generate somewhat plausible and often funny text from a small sample. It's like having a judge who ate some hallucinogenic slime mold.

Input: The ghoul bit into the warrior's neck.


The ghoul bit into the warrior's neck.

"What did I tell you!" the soldier shouted. "He's got the man-eating ghoul bite!"

The demon's grin widened.

"This is how you're going to die."

A pair of hands gripped her arms.


As it were, a human would not have stood a chance against this creature.

But then the soldier's hand suddenly loosened.


The soldiers around them all turned towards the soldier and saw that the demon had completely severed her head, as if it were a blade.

The soldier stumbled, and fell.

The Demon's face distorted into a smile.

"You are all the same. You all have a piece of me, don't you?"

A woman fell to her knees.

As she raised her head, she saw her face.

Re: Fun with AI.

Post by SammyAlex »

Great tool!
Many thanks for sharing!
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Re: Fun with AI.

Post by francisbaud »

It's a pretty impressive tool. Here's what I got:

"Butterflies were flying in the dark blue sky without a clue where they were going, from unknown directions.

In all that commotion a little creature rose.

It flew through the smoke and found a pink caterpillar with red and yellow lines on its soft skin.

When the butterfly landed on it, the caterpillar opened it's mouth and ate the butterfly.

Two souls were now complete in each other.

They flew to heaven with hearts racing with the excitement of new journey.

The caterpillar was accompanied by God and God welcomed them to the world where a new butterfly was born.

She had"

Not sure why it stopped there though!
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