Faux cover art

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Faux cover art

Post by Koa »

Aloha all,
My fellow cohort Scott Sheets and I will be submitting a module idea for the Mystery Map contest. Our fingers are crossed that it will do well in the competition. All that being said, while we were thinking up some stuff at the bar I drew a couple of faux covers idea (cause I am constantly drawing stuff specially at the bar) for our little adventure for the hell of it, and thought I share one with you. I hope you like it. I'll post up some other gaming art at some point but I hope this can wet your appetite for some more art goodness from me in the future. Oh and Goodman Games if you are ever looking for another artist to provide some sweet RPG art let me know. I’d love to work with you. :)


Faux cover art for our adventure the Cavern Fortress of Kaerbagon!
Faux cover art for our adventure the Cavern Fortress of Kaerbagon!
cavern_fortress-of_kaerbagon.jpg (129.16 KiB) Viewed 20339 times
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Re: Faux cover art

Post by RevTurkey »

Good work!
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Re: Faux cover art

Post by Sir Clarence »

Whoa, that looks very cool! A wonderful homage to the old Monster Manual illustration that accompanies the treasure tables.
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Re: Faux cover art

Post by Hrevelax »

Good stuff! I like the use of blacks.

The perspective is off in some areas, but its exciting and really gives the feel of adventure. Those characters remind me very much of D&D's standard PCs from 3rd edition.
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