DCC modules that can be adapted to EotE

DCC Empire of the East is a setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game that offers a portal to the singular world of the novels The Broken Lands, The Black Mountains, and Changeling Earth by Fred Saberhagen, and officially licensed by his estate.

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DCC modules that can be adapted to EotE

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First off, thank you to the moderators for creating this sub-forum!

While we wait for new EotE adventure modules, I wanted to start off a list of ideas for adapting DCC modules to a EotE campaign. Here's one idea I had:


#66.5 Doom of the Savage Kings :

- Replace the Hound by a demon.
- Replace the Yarl by an evil Satrap.
- Place the village of Hirot in a more desert/mountainous environment.
- Place the demon's life force inside the Tomb of the Ulfheonar or at the bottom of the sinkhole which is the Hound/Demon's lair.

Does anybody else have similar ideas?
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