DCC Dying Earth is both a sourcebook and a setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game that offers a portal to the singular world of The Dying Earth novels by Jack Vance. Officially licensed by his estate, the Kickstarter will launch later in 2020 and the product will release in 2021...!

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Vance's seminal fantasy trilogy Lyonesse bears many similarities to DE stories. Nature of magic, powerful and amoral magicians scheming against each others, powerful genie like sandestins, certain off-handed brutality and roguish characters are practically the same. i am certainly musing about using DCC DE rules to run Lyonesse campaign.

What do you think?
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Re: Lyonesse

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There is also a Lyonesse RPG launching in the near future. I think it uses a d100 system. Might be easy to take their stuff, convert d100 into d20, then use DCC mechanics on top of it. :)
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