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Mod Advice for New Judge

Post by MajorLeeAwesome »

I've played DCC a few times at cons, and now I'm gonna run a game for my friends on Roll20/Zoom. We'll be playing about 4 hours once every other week. With that in mind, can you guys suggest what are good 0-level funnels/low-level mods that can be completed in just a few hours? Thanks.
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Re: Mod Advice for New Judge

Post by GnomeBoy »

Most funnels tend to be doable in a 4-hour slot (though I find Roll20 can slow things down if the whole group isn't up to speed on how it all works).

I'm currently running an every-other-week game and we're not having trouble with things spreading across multiple sessions, but to try to fit in a 4-hour block, off the top of my head I'd suggest Temple Siege (from the 2021 Adventure Pack), Tower of the Black Pearl (which has good campaign implications), Queen of Elfland's Son (sequel forthcoming at some point, I hear), or Frozen in Time....
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Re: Mod Advice for New Judge

Post by herecomethejudge »

The one in the rulebook, Portal Under the Stars, is a good module and definitely can be done in 4 hours.
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Re: Mod Advice for New Judge

Post by JamesBeadle »

The professional desktop apps take too much time (this is my personal opinion). My group uses Owlbear Rodeo combined with Discord and encounters move swiftly and smoothly. This would work well with a funnel, and the maps can be scanned from books or pulled from PDFs with screen capture and paint. Owlbear and Disco caused me to scrap R20.
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