DCC, Roll20, and Me (that rhymes)

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DCC, Roll20, and Me (that rhymes)

Post by GothmogIV »

Hello, friends. I am new to DCC, having become a refugee from D&D5e. It looks amazing, and I can't wait to dig in more. One thing: is there any play to bring the rules/compendium to Roll20? We--a bunch of older guys who have been playing together for almost 40(!) years-- play exclusively online now, using Roll20. I have found it extraordinarily difficult to run a virtual game without compendium support (spells, monsters, tables, etc.) I know that Foundry has DCC available, but...any plans for Roll20?

Thanks everyone! Great game!

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Re: DCC, Roll20, and Me (that rhymes)

Post by freitaslex »

Hi! Try Fantasy Grounds, it have a complete core rule book for DCC.
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Re: DCC, Roll20, and Me (that rhymes)

Post by Bobjester »

If all my players could get one or the other apps to work at the same time, I'd prefer to run online games using roll20 or Fantasy Grounds for maps & visual aids, including text & dice rolls, and discord for voice, although I guess that discord also has dice rolling bots, but I've never used them.

Only worrying about maps & visual aids for roll20 means not coding rules into tokens & maps, and everything is handled "manually", but I find that this is less tedious than coding. I mean, for me, it took me months to code in a lot of my home-made scenario stats only so that players drop out as soon as we start because of various problems that IRL tabletop groups suffer from; ennui, scheduling, etc. but instead of "vehicle" problems, there is now software/computer/internet problems.

But now that I know that FG has DCC core rules, I really want to check it out again!

Thanks, freitaslex!
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