Finding DCC Players

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Finding DCC Players

Post by srachui »

I'm having trouble recruiting DCC players and would be interested in some advice. When I've set up D&D5e campaigns and advertised in FB groups, there was a line. But any other system, it seems like people are not as interested (which they would be if they would be willing to try DCC out!).

Does this group have any guidance on the best way to find new players who want to run? I'm currently on Roll20, but willing to use Fantasy Grounds if that would help.
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Re: Finding DCC Players

Post by Vort »

Welcome! That's a problem with almost anything that's not 5e. The majority of people are exposed to D&D as it has the biggest share of both sales and media, so that's what they think they want to play. So often if you mention RPGs to someone new their first response is "you mean like D&D?".

You just have to keep doing it: run games. Set up a regular schedule if you can, and advertise. Use this forum, the GG Events page, the discord server, Twitter, FB, Roll20, FG, and whatever else you can to draw in players. The DCC discord server is pretty active and there are new players coming in frequently who are looking for games. There's also the Cyclops cons (and don't forget DCC Day June 26!) that attract new players and where you can build your judge cred. And join the Road Crew! Post your events to the GG Events page and just keep at it.

Good luck!

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Re: Finding DCC Players

Post by jlgunder »

I've been one of those people on the fringe for over a year now--I picked up some DCC items at the DCC Day at my local nerd store last year, read through it and loved parts of it, then tucked it away for various reasons. The rulebook is massive and intimidating, it didn't have a "standard" campaign setting, the dice were expensive and difficult to get, there's like 6,000 pages of spells.

But over the course of the last year, I kept picking up more stuff and kept reading--the modules are super fun to read (so I imagine they are as fun to play!). The Chained Coffin hardcover is AWESOME and instantly inspired a desire to run a campaign set there with my home group, and I just bit the bullet and picked up enough dice sets for me and my players. I can replicate them without the funky dice, but that seemed like one more obstacle to try and convince my group to give DCC a shot.

There was a TON of interest at last year's DCC Day, but everyone I talked to wasn't actually playing DCC as they either had a group playing something else or didn't have a group at all. This year, I'm going to leave some business cards with my name, contact info and a link to a discord channel in the hopes that I can put together a group of players for monthly play at the store. That likely doesn't help with your efforts to host an online game, but I'm going grassroots in the hopes that I can get a bunch of bodies around a table to run a game, figured I'd share my plans here.
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Re: Finding DCC Players

Post by AMLopez »

My only advice is to post and run games on a consistent schedule and be excited about your game when you talk about it.

If you are running games in your FLGS, and the staff are not excited about it or helping in any way, then your difficulty in getting new players will be magnified a bit more. But keep at it! Players will come once they are able to see people having a good time playing.

We have had that issue in our FLGS/Gaming group for a while. With 126 members, it is still difficult to get people to want to play something other than D&D 5e. Once we can break through the "it's not 5e" barrier, mainly by telling them that DCC is similar to D&D 1e, some are at least interested in sitting in a game or watching us play for a bit. (I keep on-level pre-gens handy and give them some dice and have them join in while they are sitting there). Right now, I have about 4-5 consistent DCC players and hope to see this grow more soon!

It took me nearly 2 years to get my gaming group to the point where we were running D&D games nearly every day, and I haven't been running DCC for a year yet.
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