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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by jasong71 » Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:02 am

Quarterstaff Games
152 Church Street
Burlington VT 05401

Product selection: The store carries a wide variety of games, including accessories, smaller lines, niche product, and all the basics. Also has a really cool design layout and gaming area!!!

Stock levels: They always have a copy of what I want in stock. If it is a rare item, the store mamanger, Jonathon, always goes out of his way to find it. Phenomenal.

Events and community support: Free RPG Days, delve nights, Friday Night Magic, RPGA, local con support, and community Service.

Play space: They have in-store gaming and there is there terrain for miniatures gaming? They run multiple events?

Gamer outreach: The store represent my hobby well to the casual customers? They are courteous advocates of gaming and they behave to a high standard of customer service?

Other: The store Manager makes this store special!

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by frogczar » Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:33 am

Critical Hit Games
89 Second St.
Coralville, Iowa 52241
Phone: 319-338-GAME

Product selection: CHG carries all variety of games. They emphasize play in the store so that you can really check out the great stuff they have.

Stock levels: If they don't they will happily order it for you?

Events and community support: CHG participates in evens such as Free RPG Day and other in-house promotional events. Painting classes, tournaments and get-togethers.

Play space: They have a great environment for gaming! Lots of space for board games, CCGs, RPGS, and miniature gaming (with tables and terrain).

Gamer outreach: The store works very hard at trying to accommodate whatever your interests are by asking customers what they play and then getting them into play-groups, leagues, events or even just suggesting a new game.

Other: CHG rules! I love the friendly environment for gaming, the community support has been awesome. CHG was destroyed in the Iowa floods of 2008 and everyone offered help and chipped in to make their temporary location as awesome as it could be while they were being rebuilt. The store's owner is one of the friendliest and most helpful gamers around. As a free-lance game writer, CHG has offered to help promote my projects when they came to print. The miniature-gaming is great, the boardgame leagues are great and the weekly gaming nights make this place awesome.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Chgowiz » Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:49 am

Store Name: Games Plus
Store Contact Info:
101 W. Prospect Ave.
Mt. Prospect, IL
Phone: 847-577-9656

I'm going to cut/paste the review I just did in my article - I think it will touch everything you are looking for here.

Games Plus has been around since 1982 at two locations, but always in Mt. Prospect. The store is conveniently located about 400 feet away from the Metra Union Pacific Northwest line station, for those who want to use public transportation. It is open Sunday through Saturday, from late morning to early evening.

When you walk into Games Plus, it's not unusual to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of merchandise that this store carries. Almost all 4 walls of the store area are covered with miniatures for sale and the center aisles and racks are stocked with books, board games and all sorts of items. There is a second area, almost as big as the store itself, filled with tables and chairs for gaming. The store is clean and despite the vast number of items, is easy to navigate.

Games Plus carries a wide variety of merchandise, from a huge selection of board and boxed games, to virtually any role playing game, to all of the popular miniature games, including Games Workshop. It also has publications, accessories and supplements, as well as many "out of print" books and a section of used items for sale. You could spend an hour or two looking at all the games and titles in stock. Games Plus carries plenty of miniature hobby tools, paints and accessories. If Games Plus doesn't already carry it in stock, the store's well known proprietors: Jeff Swegler and Curt Duval, will be able to special order it for you.

All of the staff are very knowledgeable about gaming in general. Curt Duval is a very active member of the gaming community. In my experience, the staff are able to answer questions as well as help a customer to find a game that they might wish to purchase, or get advice and support on games that they already own.

Games Plus is also the largest hub of gaming activity in the Chicagoland area. On any given day, you can find many different games being played in the gaming area, which has 10 different tables for miniatures, card games or role-playing games. Many different clubs make Games Plus their home and run regular events there. Games Plus maintains an in-store calendar and games board as well - a tradition continuing for the early days of RPG/war-gaming. If there's a game you're wanting to play, Games Plus probably hosts or knows about it. Games Plus also has a website that they keep updated on the latest events and happenings.

I'd have to say that Games Plus is the cream of the crop in the Chicagoland area. I can highly recommend it from experience, as I have a regular campaign that I run there and it's always filled with shoppers and gamers. I don't think you can go wrong by making a trip to this store.

For my review, I rank Games Plus as follows:

* Overall impression of store: 9 out of 10
* Type and number of games available: 10 out of 10
* Support of gamers: 10 out of 10
* Customer service and knowledge: 9 out of 10
* Overall: 10 out of 10

Go: If you love games, want to connect with a vibrant hub of the Chicagoland gaming community, or are searching for a hard to find title

Avoid: If you don't want to lose a few hours browsing. There's no real reason to avoid this store.

Additional details as asked for by this poll.

Events and community support: Whether it's Free RPG Day, Worldwide D&D Game Day, delve nights, Friday Night Magic, RPGA, local con support, or something else, describe how the store supports the local game community.

Games Plus participates in all of these types of activities. They are constantly having tournaments and participating in National day events.

Play space: Do they have in-store gaming? Is there terrain for miniatures gaming? Do they run events?

Yes, half of their HUGE space is devoted to game tables. They have shelves of terrain available for public use and they are constantly running events.
-- Chgowiz
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Galactic Goods and Comics

Post by md3 » Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:54 am

Galactic Goods Cards & Comics
343 W Esplanade Ave
Kenner, LA 70065
(504) 466-8470

Product selection: The store carries a wide variety of games, including comics, gaming accessories, and all the basics.

Stock levels: They always have a copy of the latest RPG books.

Events and community support: D&D Miniatures tournaments, D&D Game Days, Free RPG Day, D&D Delve Nights, Friday Night Magic, and RPGA events.

Play space: They have plenty of in-store gaming. They run multiple events such as DDM and Magic tournaments.

Gamer outreach: The store represent my hobby well with support for all D&D games. They are courteous advocates of gaming and they behave to a high standard of customer service.

Other: Ron, store Manager, makes this store special and Cynthia often joins in many of the tournaments.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by iceberg » Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:56 am

A Plus Comics & Collectibles
123 Southland Drive
Lexington, KY 40503
(859) 276-1118

Why is this my favorite store?:
Everytime I walk through the door, I'm treated like family and it's as if the staff is genuinely happy to see me. They are appreciative of my patronage. It's a comics & gaming store designed with the customer in mind. The guys there will drop whatever they're doing to help me find anything I'm looking for or answer any questions I may have concerning a product & even suggesting like genre's and material that I might find interesting without pushing me to purchase those extra items.

Product selection:
A Plus does a good job of keeping just about anything I could ever want. Anywhere from old Starwars action figures to movie posters to comics I never even knew existed.

Stock levels:
There's only been once occassion somehting wasn't available when I went in for it but this was due to a shipping error on Fed Ex's behalf and not theirs. I went in a couple days later to find the product had arrived and they had put one back for me without my even asking. Otherwise, this store carries all the things I personally look for.

Events and community support:
Not only does A plus comics offer a wide variety of in house games to play, they are always loking for ways to expand that participation. Incidentally, they host my groups weekly Star Wars miniature tournament and have asked us what can they do to help us find more players. They have board game night on Saturdays, Free RPG/Comic days, celebrity artist book signings, weekly magic/pokemon/yugi-oh, etc.

Play space:
There are close to a dozen open tables for game play in a dedicated area of the store. Tables can be reserved for games or your welcome to just sit and read comics. They also have several wide screen TV's through out the store always playing family friendly movies that appeal to children and gamers alike.

Gamer outreach:
As stated above, this is a store ran by comic readers gamers who want new and old customers alike to have a positive experience. They do everything short of giving us product for free to ensure we have a good time while we're there.

It also helps that the owner is an amateur stand up comedian, good father and kind family man. He shows this same good humor and care with his customers. We're treated like family and A Plus has earned my business because of it. In many establishments, my wife has felt embarrassment due to the decor in a gaming store or has felt uncomfortable around some of the staff, she feels none of this at A Plus Comics due to the sense of respect the owner has regarding his customers and his staff.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by terrestrialboy » Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:10 am

Tabletop Game & Hobby
6840 w 105th Street
Overland Park, KS
(913) 962-4263

This store has been in business for fifteen years, serving the Kansas City area with a location for great customer service and top notch selection of games, whether it be board games, miniatures games, or rpgs. The owner, Phil Kilgore, has kept the business just that -- a business. He and his employees are always quick to ask you if you need help and offer helpful information on products.

One of the best things about this store is the simple fact that it's a clean place to be -- it's welcoming, well lit, and has a fantastic selection of games. I've been in a number of gaming stores that are basically holes in the wall, with clutter everywhere and mildew in the air. This store is none of those things. It's one of those places you go to and feel guilty if you don't buy something.

The selection of products at the store is mind-boggling. You can buy professionally-painted miniatures from the huge selection of available Warhammer, Reaper, and other miniatures collections. You can find a large selection of dice (as is appropriate for any good gaming store) as well as a small amount of collectible card games (the basics, like Magic: The Gathering and World of Warcraft). They have a great selection of D&D miniatures (some singles) along with Star Wars, Mutant Chronicles, and Clix games. One nice thing is that they carry a large selection of Chess games and other, more family-oriented game supplies, like bingo supplies and what not.

The thing this store excels at is the board games. They have a varied selection of board games available, from Axis & Allies to Carcassone, and Scotland Yard to Formula De. They're well stocked with games from Mayfair, Days of Wonder, Fantasy Flight, and many others.

They keep all their inventory on computer so it's easy to tell if something is in stock or not. This is rarely needed, as the employees are all so familiar with the inventory that they can usually tell you if something is available or not. If they don't have something, they're always more than willing to order it for you, even over the phone, and when it comes in, without fail they call you to let you know it's there.

The store has a separate gaming room that is apart from the main store, so it keeps the noise level down and allows the gaming room to remain open after the store closes. In the gaming room, you have your gaming necessities -- big tables (about a dozen or so), a bathroom, vending machines, and community terrain for those people who want to throw down a quick Warhammer or Flames of War game. The tables are all regulation (8x4) size and built out of sturdy wood, not cheap tables bought from your local Wal-Mart.

As for events, the store keeps a busy schedule with daily activities in the evening, from Board Game Night on Thursdays, to Miniatures Games on Tuesdays, to Miniature Painting and Card Games on Fridays. They even had special extended hours for Father's Day and had a special event for Family Gaming to promote a "Family Game Night." They hold regular 40k and Warhammer tournaments, and have a bulletin board available for game announcements.

The thing that sets this store apart from everywhere else is the customer service. Phil and his employees know that they're not going to win a price war with the internet, but they can sell good customer service. This place is the epitome of a Friendly Local Game Store. The place is always helpful when I'm there, and I feel welcome most of all. I've said before that it's well-lit, and the place doesn't smell. Often I've been in gaming stores that are messy, cluttered, and dim -- this place is warm and inviting with a very professional atmosphere. I highly recommend it to anyone even remotely close to the Kansas City area.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Saffenn » Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:20 am

Emerald City Comics and Games
Seminole Location:
9249 Seminole Blvd.
Seminole, FL 33772
727-398-BOOK (2665)
Clearwater Location:
2475 N McMullen Booth Rd.
Suite I (9)
Clearwater, FL 33759

Emerald City carries everything from comics (a huge selection of back issues), action figures, t-shirts, novelties, polyhedral dice, dungeon tiles, miniatures (for D&D, WoW, Hero Clix, and others), RPG books, Avalon and Fantasy Flight board games, graphic novels, dvd's, and battle mats.

Most items are kept stocked in the store. If anything is missing, just ask, and they likely have it in the stock room.

Emerald City has a gaming room where D&D, Star Wars, Magic, Warhammer, Hero Clix, and various other card, RPG, and miniatures games are played. They support Free Comic Book Day, Free RPG Day, Worldwide D&D Day, and RPGA gaming. While they do not have a presence at local cons anymore, they do supply literature for all local area gaming events. They also donate comics to charity events and raffles.

The philosophy of the management of Emerald City is that, since most of their items can be bought online or elsewhere for cheaper, they strive to have knowledgeable customer service. There are often up to five employees in the store at any given time, and all of them are willing to discuss gaming, or direct the customer to the proper employee if his/her particular area of expertise is something else. If the employees don't know the answer to a question, they will look it up or make a phone call to get the information to the customer.

Each of the two locations has a completely different feel. The original store (Seminole) is a menagerie of media. There's hardly an empty space on the wall and some collectibles date back to the 1960s. The newer store (Clearwater) is an orderly collection of mostly trade paperbacks, board games, and gaming tools. The manager is especially interested in Pathfinder and other RPG games, and can answer questions about and often recommends many third-party RPG adventures and tools.

Full disclosure: I worked for Emerald City for a period of about 6 months in 2007.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by taran.shannara » Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:31 am

Rainy Day Games
18105 SW TV Hwy

I first ran across Rainy Day Games (RDG) during the Decipher Star Trek CCG craze in the 90s. After picking up packs at one of typical local mall kiosks I looked for a place to get singles and boxes and that lead me to RDG. A short while later I was asking about running tournaments for the game and was allowed to give it a try. This brought in people from around the region as a place to play STCCG. At that time they had MTG tournaments and maybe some Pokemon going on but lots of other games that I didn't have a clue about yet. From the beginning RDG has offered many board games that can't be found in other local stores. Since that time the store has changed locations and expanded in both floor space and what games and products they offer and has become an even greater resource for the gamer or gamer-to-be.

I have since moved 20 miles further away from the store but continue to make trips to it because of the selection and knowledgeable staff. During my commute to work there are three different game stores within easy range but I stop at RDG to make most of my purchases.

There are a large number of products and a wide variety. I still haven't looked at every item yet. Everything from euro-style board games, card games, CCGs, miniatures, RPGs, indie games, painting supplies, dice, disc golf accessories, puzzles, and even the old stand by chess. I recently wanted to get started in painting miniatures to go with my Savage Worlds game set in the land of Aereth (homebrewed from DCC modules I got at the store) and asked for help. Store staff provided help in picking the right supplies for what I was doing and offered places on web for getting additional help and tutorials. When talking about gaming at work, there are several other people that know about RDG and have commented that the large selection brings them into the store. They first went to the store for Catan but now get other games.

When new games come out I can count on it either being on the shelf the day it is available or can be special ordered and received within a couple days time. If I want to try out a game before purchasing, chances are they already have it in their game library. The game library is a couple shelves of games that are open to the public to stop in and play in the play area. When word came out that the older DCC line was coming back, it didn't take long for modules to be in the store again; Even Castle Whiterock.

Rainy Day Games regularly supports local game conventions in the Portland metro. Even though I don't play D&D I'm aware of RPGA flyers posted in the store for events being held all the time. They support monthly meetup groups wanting to use the play area and introduce new players to gaming or different type of games. At a recent disc golf benefit tournament I played in, RDG was a sponsor and had prize support. On their calendar I had noticed a home school group meeting there during the week to play. They are involved in supporting more things than I know.

When the store moved locations a few years back, one of the things they did was increase the play area space. This is great because now there are more scheduled events and tournaments that they are able to host. There are currently leagues running for a variety of games which is cool because I know that I can drop in and play anytime. This is important as many things are competing for a persons time, the store can act as a constant beacon of gaming where one can sit down and enjoy some fantasy, sci-fi, or other genre for a bit.

Since the store has other items like puzzles and disc golf items, they draw in people who would not normally go to a game store. When playing disc golf at the park, sometimes people will ask where they can get some discs and I mention Rainy Day Games as a good source. This brings people in to see products and hopefully they browse around at the other cool games. I've been in the store on various occasions when someone will stop by and ask the staff if RDG has a particular game; I can tell that this person stopped by because they had heard it was a game store with a lot of stocked items; more often than not they have the game and can offer other games that the person might be interested in as well. They are willing to help you find an item or just let you browse after seeing if you need help finding anything.

This past October I took a road trip across the country and made a special point to stop at game stores in a lot of towns. Heck, I got a special PotSM prize at one of them. There were some good ones and others that weren't so good. It made me appreciate what I have local to me in the Portland metro region.

Rainy Day Games gets my vote.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Kersic » Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:37 am

The Source Comics and Games
1601 Larpenteur Avenue
Falcon Heights, Minnesota 55113

Product selection: They live up to their name by carrying everything from role-playing games to table-top miniatures to traditional board games. They also have an extensive selection of comics, anime, graphic novels, statuettes, and collectible trading card games.

Stock levels: They carry most popular in-print/in-production items, along with a hefty backlog of everything else. If you can't find it on the shelves, they are usually able to find it for you within a week or two if it exists.

Events and community support: I don't know of a national gaming event that they haven't participated in. They sponsor many neighborhood activities that include movie outings, fund raisers, and even a root beer booth @ the largest State Fair in the U.S. Want to find a gaming group? They'll help. Want a place to run a game? They'll help. Interested in trying something new? They might already have an event scheduled, just ask.

Play space: The gaming tables in the back of the store are always busy with a variety of types of activities. Terrain, miniatures, events... hell yes. An entire section of the store is devoted to not only fantasy miniatures, but historical war gaming miniatures as well.

Gamer outreach: This store is run by some of the best advocates of gaming that I've come across in a game store. You can count on a friendly hello when you walk in, and any questions you may have while you're there are readily answered with a smile. The customer base that I've witnessed runs the gamut from a young person wanting to start collecting the latest CCG to an old school gamer interested in taking a class on miniatures painting now that retirement offers the time. I've seen parents looking for gifts, and significant others venturing into the realm of their paramour... neither one leaves with a bad impression of the industry.

Other: This store has been open for over 15 years now, and I've been frequenting it as a card carrying member for nearly that long. My wife says it's the only gaming store that she doesn't feel uncomfortable in, and I've dragged her to them all over the world. (Orc's Nest in London :wink: ) They regularly win the annual Best Games Store in the Twin Cities, they've been the headquarters for World-Wide Dungeons & Dragons Day multiple times, and they won the Eisner Spirit of Retailing Award in 2002.

Obviously, I just can't say enough good things about them. They have my vote.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Atavar » Thu Jun 25, 2009 7:26 am

1858 Middlebelt
Garden City, MI 48135

Product selection: They have a huge variety of products, but what strikes me most is their wide selection of 3rd-party products for D&D.

Stock levels: The only time they didn't have something I wanted that was already out was when I mistakenly asked for a product that was print-on-demand (and, thus, I had to order it on-line anyway).

Events and community support: They seem like they have events going on ALL of the time. Some other stores I've been to in the area have some events, but not nearly the amount that Pandemonium does.

Play space: Their store area is huge to hold all the products they sell...and their play area is huger!

Gamer outreach: I've always been treated well and felt respected by the employees. They seem like great folks!

Other: I took my six-year-old daughter there with me once, and she was so fascinated by everything hope is that she becomes an avid gamer like me, and that she and I will make visits together to Pandemonium in the years to come.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by The Venomous Pao » Thu Jun 25, 2009 7:56 am

Dragon's Lair
6111 Burnet Road
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 454-2399

Product selection: From the big guns to the little guys, Dragon's Lair has it all. All of the major companies are well represented and there's almost always at least one copy of even the smallest press' work. A large selection of board games rounds out the selection nicely.

Stock levels: It's a rare day that you can't find what you're looking for at Dragon's Lair. And if you don't find it, they're quite willing and able to help you track down what you need. Dragon's Lair also has great, long hours so you can get what you're looking for at almost any time that even approaches "reasonable."

Events and community support: Dragon's Lair is on it, baby. I've never seen an event that they didn't support and support very well.

Play space: Dragon's Lair has a large gaming room plus they often set up tables in the store proper for gaming of all sorts. Miniatures, RPGs, card games. If you want to play it, you'll find space at Dragon's Lair. They have an active calendar of events ranging from tournaments to pokemon leagues to miniatures painting classes and open board game nights. And that's just the scheduled stuff. Sundays and Tuesdays are also dedicated open gaming.

Gamer outreach: I've never known a more customer-focused gaming store. The staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I've seen the employees engage everyone from hardcore regulars to dazed looking grandparents in search of a gift. More importantly, the employees seem to have an innate sense of when to engage and when to back off and let the browsers browse.

Other: It just plain feels good to shop at Dragon's Lair. They have served the Austin gaming community well for nearly 23 years and have always had their finger on the pulse of the gaming scene. I miss the old house location, but both storefronts they've occupied since then have been great places to shop. Plus, the store kitty makes my wife happy.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Tarbaby » Thu Jun 25, 2009 8:04 am

I would also like to nominate Secret Head Quarters in Tallahassee, FL. I just moved here a few months ago and already it is fast becomint my favorite store that I have gone to. The owner Brian is kind and courtesous and goes out of his way to greet everyone coming in and tries to get to know everyone whether you're a regular, first timer, or the occasional shopper.

I have nothing but good things for this store.

Tim :mrgreen:

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Todd Wainio » Thu Jun 25, 2009 8:05 am

Hastur Games & Comics
6831 South State St.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84047
801-352-2605 or 1-877-HASTURS

Product selection: Does the store carry a wide variety of games, including accessories, smaller lines, niche product, and all the basics?

Yes! Hasturs carries all the standard RPG products, plus tons of non-WOTC stuff, like Dungeon Crawl Classics, Pathfinder, White Wolf, Conan RPG, RIFTS, Shadowrun, Warhammer, etc., etc. Hasturs carries an incredibly wide variety of dice, boardgames (all the popular Euro games), miniatures, Magic cards, toys, comics, bumper stickers, swords, jewelry, etc.

Stock levels: Do they always have a copy of what you want in stock?


Events and community support: Whether it's Free RPG Day, Worldwide D&D Game Day, delve nights, Friday Night Magic, RPGA, local con support, or something else, describe how the store supports the local game community.

Yes! They always do Free RPG Day and Free Comic Day, and offer other gaming support which I probably don't realize. They're always hosting something.

Play space: Do they have in-store gaming? Is there terrain for miniatures gaming? Do they run events?

Hasturs has lots of tables for people to use to game on, and people are always there playing D&D, Warhammer, Magic, and sundry other games. They run lots of events.

Gamer outreach: Does the store represent our hobby well to the casual customer? Are they courteous advocates of gaming who behave to a high standard of customer service?

Yes! Fantastic customer service.

Other: Tell us whatever else makes you love this store!

The store is quite large, giving plenty of room for products and table-top gaming. There is also a bank of computers in the store so people can play WoW or other games too.

The owner is the coolest guy. He goes by the name Cthulhu Bob, and he is a true fan of gaming, comic books, and - obviously - all things Lovecraftian. He is very friendly and helpful, and really cares about customer service. I had a long conversation with him once, during which he conveyed his passion for gaming and for his store, and explained how it was a high priority to him to keep his shelves stocked with everything, and to do so promptly. Hasturs always has the newest products the moment they're released.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Lord Inar » Thu Jun 25, 2009 8:11 am

Karliquin's Game Knight
3330 Arapahoe Ave
Boulder CO 80303

Product selection: Miniatures are what I consider the flagship line of the store, with a nice selection of various brand minis, accessories and paints. There is a good number of RPG products (both mainstream D&D and others - Savage Worlds, Aces & Eights for example) and board games (Formula D, Catan series, Cheapass Games) as well to fill out the store. There's a nice selection of dice and card games/collectible minis at the counter as well.

Stock levels: It is is a small store so it can't have everything, and I have esoteric gaming requests, but I'm always happy with the quality of selection for my impulse purchases. Also, the owner is very responsive and friendly with special orders, and you almost always have them in a week's time.

Events and community support: The store is always doing events like Free RPG Day, Worldwide D&D Game Day, Friday Night Magic, Warhammer, and lots of individual gaming on the game table side. I feel that if they know about a potential gaming event, they'll do their best to try to host/run it.

Play space: There are two gaming sections where players can game, with one table in the back and three up front, along with that gamer necessity a snack/soda machine!

Gamer outreach: Do to their location in a small strip mall on a busy street, they get a lot of casual wanderers. They are always very responsive and friendly to people who are just curious, parents there to get something for their kids, or those who "haven't gamed for a while but just wanted to see what gaming was like now", in addition to their more regular customers. As to us regulars, there's never pressure to buy something when we game for a while (even though we often do anyway!), which helps the impression of it as a friendly meeting place.

Finally, Boulder real estate is expensive and they do a great job, packing quite a lot into the small space available.

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OOps. Rest of info Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by ShavaSue » Thu Jun 25, 2009 8:17 am

Pegasus Games
6640 Odana Road
Madison, WI 53719
fax 608-833-4886

Product selection: Great variety of games for over 25 (almost 30) years. Store is well laid out and things are easy to find.

Stock levels: Usually but they are always ready to order whenever its needed.

Events and community support: Gaming daily, weekly, or monthly depending on interests from RPG to board games to card games. Donations to community organizations is a regular thing and a reasonable request for donation is never turned down. Contributions within the community of the mall that the store is located in also happens regularly.

Play space: Do they have in-store gaming? Is there terrain for miniatures gaming? Do they run events? YES!!! YES!!!

Gamer outreach: Does the store represent our hobby well to the casual customer? Are they courteous advocates of gaming who behave to a high standard of customer service? I have watched the staff deal well with the most seasoned gamer to the grandmother that comes in for a gift for the grandson who likes that strange dragon game.

Other: Tell us whatever else makes you love this store! Manager/owner Lory is one of the most awesomest people in the whole wide world!! She puts her life and soul into the store!!!

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by thunderspirit » Thu Jun 25, 2009 8:33 am

Games Plus
101 W. Prospect Ave.
Mt. Prospect, IL

Honestly, it's hard to expand much on what bigznak and Chgowiz have already stated. They stock a broad range of merchandise, always have people in the play area, and give regular support to events.

GP is always bustling and appeals to a lot of different clientele -- mini wargamers, RPGers, CCGers, etc. It's a pretty far trip for me, but I can say that I don't come to Games Plus without at least a couple of hours to kill, and I routinely do exactly that when I go.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Team-Preston » Thu Jun 25, 2009 8:34 am

And again...
Pegasus Games
6640 Odana Road
Madison, WI 53719
fax 608-833-4886

Product selection: Fantastic. From the standard big press titles to hard to find small press items. Been this way for nearly 30 years.

Stock levels: Very good stock levels on pretty much everything at any time. They are also great about ordering anything from anyone. If you can't find it, they probably can.

Events and community support: Aside from daily gaming there are special events all the time. They maintain a regular calendar of events which is diverse. Pegasus Games regularly donates to the community: locally and across the Madison Metro area.

Play space: Massive play space. In-store gaming happens every day of the week.

Gamer outreach: The staff is top-notch. They are courteous, clean and professional, helpful but not annoying. Knowledgeable in all areas of gaming from D&D to Warhammer to Bunco, Eukere and Go. They carry all the games and all the additional bits needed for them from chips to extra pegs for those little wood pegboard games. They don't hesitate to go the extra mile for the customer, even if that means lining them up with another store that carries what the customer wants.

Other: Tell us whatever else makes you love this store! The staff, especially Lory (Owner). They've been supporting gaming in Madison for as long as many gamers have been alive and they've been a pillar of the community in so many ways. Good people.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by drakin769 » Thu Jun 25, 2009 8:34 am

Myriad Games
(http://www.myriad 8 Styles Rd Salem NH, 1-888-8MYRIAD )

Myirad games, as the name suggests, carries a myriad of games! Card, board, collectable, dice, rpgs: they have it all. Even awesome t-shirts, dice bags and the like. In the unlikly event that they don't have what your looking for,ie they do not have in stock or don't normally carry they happily order it for you (or will recommend another local buissness that might have it.)

Myriad is big on promoting the local gaming community, having weekly Friday Night Magic, they also offer a full callendar of other events like Free RPG day, world wide D&D day, or just a day to feature a new or classic game. There is also a pod cast that gives it's viewers a sampling what it's like to play a game, there impressions of a game, or Gamer Angel's suggestions for running a game night (handy stuff)

They have a good amount of game space, capable of holding nearly 50 people, it's primarly used for card tournements like Magic's FNM or Type 1 events

Myriad Games is a great place to introduce casual gamers into the hobby. The staff is knowledgable and friends, but also professional. Their store, while packed with gaming goodness is well organized and clean (even the bathroom!) While it's not the place to just hang out like a club house, as a Myriad Gamer you can set up your own events. Their Myriad Gamer account is neat, you put down some money down every month and they give you more money then you put down as "myriad money" (store credit) THe more you spend the more you get. Great if your buying some games every month (Attention D&D Players, works great to buy those monthly releases), or saving up for one big item.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by rsid1 » Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:02 am

Favorite store: Teahouse Comics 404-252-3994
5920 Roswell Rd Suite b 107
Sandy Springs GA 30328
A good new shop that carries the basics; popular games and accesories and a good selection of party games. if they don't have what you are looking for they will get it for you in short order, Fast like. There are rpg games running Wednesday and cards on Friday with room for more games on more nights and weekends. Let Shelley and Mike know what you want and when you want to play.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by JohnnyQuest » Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:35 am

The Game Preserve
101 W Kirkwood
Bloomington, IN 47404
(812) 332-6602

Product selection: The store carries a wide variety of games, accessories, smaller lines, locally-made games. All of your hobby game basics are included. And, very importantly, the store carries puzzles and family games as well. The product line itself brings together traditional 'gamers' and other members of the community, many of whom have never tried hobby games or have mistaken impressions. I can't tell you the number of times I've spoken with parents and grandparents about roleplaying and its benefits for young people.

Stock levels: The store always has what I need, and their system for special orders is top notch. They know games, and they know where to get them.

Events and community support: The store supports the local community both with a top notch play space and with weekly events. Free RPG Day, Worldwide D&D Game Day, delve nights, Friday Night Magic, RPGA, D&D Miniatures, Yu-Gi-Oh, Three Dragon Ante, Heroclix, WoW Minis -- you name it. If people want to play it, the store will host -- and they're VERY generous with prize support. As someone who nearly lost his favorite game (D&D Miniatures skirmish), I can honestly say that the store was vital in helping us save the game. In over five years, we've never had to cancel a DDM event for lack of participation.

Play space: The playing space is ample, clean, and located close to good food and clean restroom facilities. The manager often reserves extra, dedicated space for larger events. The store staff acts as TO and judge for a variety of events (see above). The store also allows miniatures game terrain and crafting supplies to be stored in the play room.

Gamer outreach: The store is clean and professional. The staff are hired with an eye toward assembling expert knowledge on a wide variety of games. Wendi, the manager, and all of the employees, are very supportive of the players. There is a family-friendly atmosphere that is welcoming to players of all ages. I think it's very important that we've had 60 year olds playing aside six year olds at some of our events. Parents and grandparents learn that face-to-face gaming is good for their kids, and their kids are safe at the store. The store also teams with other area businesses to promote gaming. For example, the GP co-hosts a family gaming night with a local restaurant (FARM) that has received national attention for its fine food, featuring locally-grown ingredients.

Other: I love this store because they value me more than they value the bottom line. They do their jobs well, and they're able to balance professionalism, fun, and generosity. It's a haven for many of us.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by AJCarrington » Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:47 am

Comic Store West
2111 Industrial Highway
York PA 17402
(717) 845-9198

Comic Store West (CSW) is located in York, PA and is likely(?) the only game store within a 20-mile radius. Having just moved into the area, it's nice to have a great FLGS literally 5 minutes from home.

The stock a pretty wide range of items including comics (hence the name :roll: ), RPGs, TTGs, TCGs, board games, card games, anime and even a little manga. One of the things that I like about the store is that it has such a wide variety of stuff to browse through. As well, in addition to carrying the bigger names (WotC / GR / Goodman / Paizo / GW / PP / Reaper) they always seem to be on the lookout for new/innovative stuff, whether it be a fantasy naval game or a great puzzle game suited for all ages. Most recently the participated in the Free RPG Day and had several games going on throughout the course. Additionally, they run numerous mini leagues which seem pretty popular.

The store is pretty spacious and reasonably well laid out; approx 50% is dedicated to gaming tables. The atmosphere is great. The staff do an excellent job of balancing "customer support" with "Thanks, I'm just browsing". As well, even though there always seems to be someone in making use of the gaming tables, I've never had a situation where an...overactive...player...was causing a scene and making life unpleasant for others.



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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by bostonrose » Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:47 am

The game Castle

Crossroads Plazza (Rt 102)
Londonderry, NH

Then state what makes the store your favorite, being sure to touch on these subjects:

Product selection: Has anything and everything you can think of from DnD books to 40 K supplies and a variety of CCGS and other games

Stock levels: The owner does an amazing job of keeping everything in stock

Events and community support: There is much in the way of support. Friday night Magic, DnD events, llots of community events
Play space: There is lots of in store gaming, tables set up for cards or tabletop with a section set up for Warhammer.

Gamer outreach If a casual person walks in and asks about a game, the staff introduces them to the people that know the most about that game

I love the game castle because of the atmosphere. Everyone there was real nice to me from day one. I have always felt welcome. Its a great place and thus why Im writing this :)

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by catsclaw227 » Thu Jun 25, 2009 10:17 am

All Fun N' Games
958 U.S. Hwy 64
Apex, NC 27523
(919) 468-6322

Product selection: There are a wide variety of RPGs, collectable Games, war games, board and card games. The employees know their stock well and they don't allow personal biases affect their recommendations.

Stock levels: The store maintains a solid stock of new and older games, lots of 4e and other RPG materials (including Goodman Games products), CCGs, board games, miniature games like WH40K and Hordes, along with some overstock and older edition materials.

Events and community support: Their excellent play space was recently expanded (even more) supports multiple weekly events. Worldwide D&D Game Day, Free RPG Day, Delve Days, Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments, Friday Night Magic, RPGA and LFR, D&D Miniatures, Warhammer 40K Play Day and team leagues, Wednesday Night Magic Booster Draft, Board Game nights, Home School Game Days, Heroclix, etc.. It's a VERY active store in the gaming community. As a new father, I would highly recommend this to other gamer families as well as those looking for some hobbies for their children.

Play space: The playing space is big, clean, and arranged to allow for many different games to be played at the same time. There are often major events that take a large amount of space, but almost always, there is room to come in, sit down and play. I often like to go in and bring my materials to work on my game. It puts me in a gaming mood and I can focus on my DM work, while the sounds of a regular 4e game, Warhammer, Magic and LFR going on in the background. Good stuff.

Gamer outreach: Vivian, Michael, Keegan and all the staff are wonderful. The store is always kept clean and the workplace professional. The staff includes people with deep knowledge on many different games, and the friendly, regular customers are always willing to aid someone who is looking for information about a niche game. The family-friendly atmosphere is great with rules for swearing and poor behavior. There are 50 year olds and 15 year olds enjoying games together. Parents can rest assured that their kids are safe in the store.

Other: I haven't lived in an area with a good FLGS in a while. I've had some LGS and ULGS (Unfriendly Local Game Store) in the regions I have lived, but none have made me want to come back again and again. I like the family friendly atmosphere and the open and inviting game space.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Jadin » Thu Jun 25, 2009 11:11 am

Quarterstaff Games
152 Church Street
Burlington VT 05401

Product selection: The store carries a wide variety of games, including accessories, smaller lines, niche product, and all the basics. Also has a really cool design layout and gaming area!!!

Stock levels: They always have a copy of what I want in stock. If it is a rare item, the store mamanger, Jonathon, always goes out of his way to find it. Phenomenal.

Events and community support: Warmachine, Hordes, Warhammer 40k, Infinity, Pulp City, L5R,Free RPG Days, delve nights, Friday Night Magic, RPGA, local con support, and community Service.

Play space: They have in-store gaming and there is there terrain for miniatures gaming? They run multiple events?

Gamer outreach: Absolutely.

Other: Store Manager is awesome.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Swordmaker » Thu Jun 25, 2009 11:43 am

Pegasus Games
6640 Odana Road
Madison, WI 53719
fax 608-833-4886

Pegasus is a great store that caters to families as well as the hard core gamer. Board games, cards, dice, CCGs, miniatures, RPGs as well as classics like checkers, chess, backgammon and cribbage are all found here.

The selection is wide & varied, and if they have gone out-of-stock of what you are looking for, they are more than happy to special order anything you need. This service includes both phone and email notification of the arrival of your order, as well as notification if there are any problems.

Pegasus has plenty of in-store gaming space which includes the next-door storefront dedicated entirely to tables for gaming (including terrain!). The staff also supports the games they sell by maintaining a calendar of regular gaming events and daily gaming sessions.

The staff here are friendly, helpful, and have just the right amount of geekdom to ensure you are getting the knowledgable support you need. everyone feels welcome when they visit Pegasus Games!

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