America's Favorite Game Store

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America's Favorite Game Store

Post by goodmangames »


This is Joseph Goodman from Goodman Games. When I recently posted my opinion on 4E, it generated some commentary in the RPG media, including thoughts on the role of friendly local game stores. In these tough economic times, we can all use a little helping hand, so I'd like to acknowledge those stores that deserve your patronage. Let's find out who those stores are -- and recognize them! I will donate up to $1,000 in Goodman Games product to the game store that you vote as America's Favorite Game Store. I am also openly inviting other publishers to participate as well. This product will be available as freebies and gift-with-purchase only to customers who purchase at that game store, and will include convention specials previously not available in stores. YOU can decide which store is America's Favorite Game Store, and make sure YOU get the chance to grab a freebie! Here's how it works:

Effective immediately, post on this thread to NOMINATE your favorite game store. Follow the format listed below. We will collect nominations for ONE WEEK. Effective midnight June 30, nominations end.

From July 1 to July 15, all nominated stores will be listed in a poll. Voting will last for TWO WEEKS.

Effective midnight July 15, the polls will close. Within one week of that, we will announce America's Favorite Game Store!

I will donate $5 of Goodman Games product for every vote cast for the winning store. If 200 or more gamers vote, the full $1,000 in product will be donated.

Update as of Thursday, June 25, 2009: Simon Rogers of Profantasy Software and Pelgrane Press has agreed to participate as well! For the winning store, Simon will contribute ProFantasy's software (worth $650) and $500 worth of Pelgrane Press material, to include one of the very few limited edition leather bound Trail of Cthulhu, signed by the contributors, worth $100.

The fine print:
* Highest vote total for a store wins.
* One man, one vote. Please do not attempt any sort of ballot box stuffing. We will screen the results.
* To be eligible, the store must be located in the USA and carry Goodman Games product. Aside from that, any store that stocks enough game product to be considered somebody's favorite game store is eligible.
* The winning store's contact information will be publicly posted so that other publishers may contribute as well.
* The winning store will also be profiled in a future issue of Level Up.
* The free product will consist of recent releases; broad-interest titles like the Character Codex, DM Campaign Record, and Level Up; Free RPG Day releases from 2009 and 2008; and other titles at the discretion of Goodman Games. All free product will be current merchandise.
* The free product will be distributed at the discretion of the winning store, and may involve a selection process of some kind. It is our intention that the product be awarded as a mix of pure freebies as well as items that are free with a purchase of $10 or more at the participating store. There may be other restrictions as well, as enacted by the winning store.
* Questions can be posted here.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by goodmangames »

Here is the format to use for store nominations.

Store Name
Store Contact Info (address, phone, web)

Then state what makes the store your favorite, being sure to touch on these subjects:

Product selection: Does the store carry a wide variety of games, including accessories, smaller lines, niche product, and all the basics?

Stock levels: Do they always have a copy of what you want in stock?

Events and community support: Whether it's Free RPG Day, Worldwide D&D Game Day, delve nights, Friday Night Magic, RPGA, local con support, or something else, describe how the store supports the local game community.

Play space: Do they have in-store gaming? Is there terrain for miniatures gaming? Do they run events?

Gamer outreach: Does the store represent our hobby well to the casual customer? Are they courteous advocates of gaming who behave to a high standard of customer service?

Other: Tell us whatever else makes you love this store!
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by FunkBGR »

Alright! Awesome promotion!

Critical Hit Games
89 Second St.
Coralville, Iowa 52241
Phone: 319-338-GAME

Critical Hit Games opened at some point when I was off at college. When I came back however, I found this great store in a very central location in Coralville. Critical Hit has been around the past 2+ years I've been back, and is still going strong - despite being inundated in the 2008 Floods of Iowa!

They've got board games neatly arranged on the shelf, easy to pick up and browse. Miniatures have a section by themselves, and the RPG books are all up near the register, close to the dice sets. There's plenty of table space for playing games of any variety - Magic, Warhammer, D&D, or whatever.

Anytime I've been looking for something, Critical Hit is the first place I go. Whether or not they have it, they're always quick to check if they can get it, and get it to me pronto. There's no pushy sales people trying to force me into something, but there is a friendly voice asking me if they can help.

Some of the weekly events they have include weekly W40k, Friday Night Magic, a board game night, and they're always supportive of Free RPG Day and Worldwide D&D Game Day. The local RPGA has had support from them, and they play at the store for some of their monthly Gamedays. Gamicon, the local convention, also receives support from the store.

They're just getting in to their new location right now. They were temporarily open elsewhere in town while the building was being renovated from the flooding that occurred here. Despite this setback, the store survives, and has a loyal following of gamers. What keeps me coming back is the customer service, which absolutely cannot be beat!
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Festivus »

Game Empire Pasadena
2302 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107
Tel: (626) 304-9333

Game Empire Pasadena is a Godsend to gamers in the San Gabriel Valley. The owner and the employees really love gaming and it shows in the store.

The store stocks gaming products for kids from 3 to 99. As the front of the store is the younger kids game section, where you find some greats as "Chicken Cha Cha Cha" or "Gulo Gulo" alongside "Checkers" and "Go". Puzzles can also be found, along with accessories one might need for that, like a roll up mat to take your puzzle with you, and puzzle glue (stuff my Mother would like). Into collectable card games, they have a ton of them. Game Workshop games, tons of support for it. Board games, plenty of those covering a wide variety of interests. Classic games like Poker, Chess and similar are well represented. Role Playing Games, a wide selection of new and used RPG books, and not just major publishers either.

The store almost always has what I want in stock, and if they don't, they order it and within two days you have it.

There are a pile of events that go on every week, Magic the Gathering, Game Workshop, Board Game, Star Wars minis, Star Trek: Federation Commander all have regular nights. There is a weekly D&D Delve, plus once a month a whole Saturday dedicated to RPG gameplay, with RPGA Living Forgotten Realms being the most popular but no restrictions on what can be run. The store reguarly hosts special events from the various game manufacturers, often dedicating a day to the release of a product.

There are 12 gaming tables, and plenty of chairs. The tables can be outfitted with a 8'x4' plywood top that extends the gaming surface significantly. They also have a ton of terrain for Warhammer and similar games, as well as a pair of oversized black hex vinyl for use with Star Trek: Federation Commander which is a lot of fun with 6 players.

Once a month, the store runs a demonstration of a different RPG to introduce new players to a game. Also at any of the events new players are welcome and often taught. Everyone is very friendly and helpful... I have learned a few new games. Speaking of new games, you can try out any game before buying it, right there in the store. I don't know many game stores that will open a new game to let you try it out before you buy it.

The staff at the store are extremely helpful, and really understand what they are selling. They take the time to learn the rules of the various games, playing in them when they get a chance and connecting with the people who come into the store. I see all types of people in the store, parents with young kids who want to get the latest pokemon cards, to couples looking for a good party game, to hard core rpg and warhammer players. Everyone is treated the same, with very helpful, courteous staff.

Game Empire is the sort of store I feel comfortable bringing my young children to and know that they are safe. The store is clean, well lit, with easy to identify staff and clearly defined gaming area. The store is open and airy, with skylights providing a lot of natural light, and air conditioning for those hot, sweltering summers we get out here.

I am very happy with this store, and thus I'd like to put it up for your consideration.

Thanks for your time,

James Zack
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by rayipsa »

Black Diamond Games
1950 Market St, Ste E
Concord, CA 94520

BDG has a great selection of board games, RPGs, mini's, puzzles and numerous painting and modeling products. They carry not only all the major lines but lots of small lines and they are willing to do special orders and try out new lines. They stock a wide variety of SKU's and I have almost never had to special order or wait for a game or mini that I want. For in store gaming, they even have a drink fridge and a large amount of snacks for sale.

BDG has a huge play area with two tables built for miniature gaming as well as multiple tables for sit down gaming for board gamers, painters and RPG's. The room is fully stocked with terrain for the mini's tables. They have an active community of gaming with scheduled play dates and volunteers running events including board gaming night, Friday Night Magic, RPG night, a 40k campaign, and blood bowl.

BDG also runs quarterly auctions with ding and dent products and used items from customers. The event always draws a large and energetic crowd.

The owner and staff are very knowledgeable about the products they stock and are happy to take time to help out non-gamers who accidentally wander into the store.

My daughter and I have been going to the store almost since it opened and the now 2 year old 'new' location is a huge improvement over the old location. The store is always clean and safe.

I hope that you select BDG as America's Favorite Game Store.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by GnomeBoy »

BDG is a good pick.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Charlie24601 »

Greenfield Games
228 Main St
Greenfield, MA 01301

THE BEST gaming store I have EVER seen, and I've been gaming for almost 30 years and seen quite a few.

The shelves are chock full of almost anything you can think of. They have all the big name favorites and everything you need for them as well as a plethora of various games from smaller gaming companies including local authors and mom and pop style developers. And if that isn't enough they have plenty to choose from for more mundane titles that you grew up with as a kid. Add in a smattering of puzzles, classic games (chess, checkers, etc), and other family style entertainment and you have a good picture of what the shelves look like.
If you aren't looking for a new game, you can always pick up a tasty cool beverage or snack.

They always have what you need, and the only time I've ever needed to make a special order is to PRE-order something.

Special events are unending. Some of them are run by the store, some are run by one of MANY enthusiastic local patrons. We see official tournaments for Privateer Press games, various campaigns for Games Workshop games, Star Wars minid events, Magic tournaments and regular nights and leagues, and many RPG's.
Not to mention regular mini painting days where you can often get personal advice from Jay Adan himself (a man of such awesome ability you might have seen some of his work in the movie, Starship Troopers! Psst!...look for the Millenium Falcon stuck to the bridge of the Roger Young!)
If those events weren't enough, we've seen store anniversary events full of gaming demos of all sorts of games along with MANY door prizes. Even game auctions where you are likely to find an UNREAL deal of some sort.

The store is gigantic. Shelves of product everywhere, but that doesn't mean they skimp on the play space. There are several 4x8 tables (with stools) for the many mini wargame players as well as plenty of smaller tables for card games and RPGs. They have LOTS of terrain ready to go, and its often the store owners themselves who put some real time and effort into it. In addition, they consider it an ongoing project and regularly make repairs, repaint, and rebuild so the terrain always looks top notch and very professional.
There are even small tables in the product areas for customers to play demonstrations of the various games. It great to be able to try something before buying.

The store is very professional, and maintains a high standard across the board in all respects. It is clean and orderly, and fosters a real sense of community among us gamers. Anyone coming off the street will see average people of all types having a great time and enjoying themselves, instead of a grimy lot of poor hygienic wierdos.

My favorite aspect has to be the excellent community of the store. Everyone is friendly and helpful (customers and staff alike!) and there is always laughter coming from somewhere. Everyone tends to know each other on a first name basis (again, customers and staff alike).. I swear you could walk in off the street and make a new friend in 10 minutes. And its common to see a gamer of 30-40 years teaching or even playing against someone much younger (no cliques).
And even if someone is losing a game horribly, they are still having a great time doing it.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by rungekutta13 »

Augusta Book Exchange
1650 Gordon Highway
Augusta, GA 30906
(706) 793-7796

I nominate the Augusta Book Exchange, in Augusta, GA. I've been gaming with this store for 20 years, starting back when I was just a kid in the 80s learning to play D&D. For the last 30 years, the Augusta Book Exchange has been the one consistent beacon of gaming and hobbies in our area. It started as a used book exchange (not too obvious, right?) and eventually expanded to bring comics, tabletop rpgs, miniatures and CCG gaming under it's umbrella. It has two locations, one on either side of Augusta, GA, servicing not only the residents of the city and the nearby areas of Aiken, SC and 4 surrounding counties in eastern Georgia, but also the soldiers of our US Armed Forces stationed at Fort Gordon. In fact, they offer a healthy discount to any service member, regardless of branch or affiliation, whether they're active or retired.

They carry pretty much any kind of gaming matter you can think of. If you're into miniatures, you can not only find the minis you want, but also the paints, brushes, green stuff, bases and terrain. If you play CCGs, they maintain some stock from the last several expansions of Magic, L5R and Yugioh, plus singles binders. Seriously, what store keeps Bella Sara cards in stock because a couple customer's little kids like them? The Augusta Book Exchange, that's who. You like board games? No problem, there's a sizable section devoted to sealed boxed sets of most games you'd ever want to play (and some you've never heard of). They also have an enormous selection of RPG sourcebooks for the many systems people like to run. And on the off chance they don't have what you need, they'll track it down for you.

Currently, they offer space for anyone to run pretty much any game they want. There are weekly days set aside for boardgames(things like Catan and Carcassone and everything in between), miniatures (Warhammer, Warmachine, Monsterpocalypse, you name it), CCGs (Friday Night Magic, Legend of the Five Rings, Yugioh) and anything else you can think of. There are typically 6 or 7 roleplaying groups that meet weekly playing everything from D&D (mainly 4E and 3.5 and I think there's actually a group that's still playing 2nd Ed), Legend of the Five Rings, Serenity, Battlestar Galactica, and others. They maintain a HUGE gaming area with several large terrain tables for minis and room to spaciously run large CCG events. I, personally, have run 40-person L5R CCG events on a Saturday in the gaming area while 2 other RPG groups were going on with no problem. They stay open till midnight on Mondays and Fridays and until 2am on Saturdays and Sundays. Additionally, they always have a big selection of cold drinks and snacks for the ever hungry gamer and they're within walking distance of mexican, subs, fast food, doughnuts and casual dining restaurants, barely 10 minutes off the interstate.

One of the great things about this place is the unwavering support that the management has for it's players. If you want to try something, they will go all out to help you run an event, demo a game or anything as long as it's feasible. If you are looking for a particular hard to find item, they'll go all out to try to find a distributor that carries it or hunt someone down who can help more. If you're having trouble coordinating events for the game you're managing (L5R and sometimes Magic, in my case) they'll make some calls and try to put the store's support behind the issue. They've also been instrumental in organizing local conventions and events throughout the years, as well as providing an organizational base for our regional gamer's association. They always support the gamer holidays (ie, Worldwide Game Day, Free Comic Book Day, etc) and they do not joke around when they say they run a family-friendly environment. I've seen many an angry gamer asked to leave because they can't control their temper or language, and those who cheat or scam people in trades (especially in the CCG area) are quickly made public as folks not to deal with. In fact, the CCG judges (of which I am one, for the sake of disclosure) tell new players where to find the best trade values for their cards online to minimize rip off opportunities.

They maintain an active online presence with their store forum at The store manager, Paul Rogers, has never taken more than a few hours to get back to me on any issue and is quite possibly the nicest person I've ever met. It's funny looking back to when I was a weird, skinny kid coming into the store to buy comics in 7th grade...I didn't realize how important and noteworthy a place like the ABE was to the community and to it's patrons.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Fulkerguy »

921 Washington, Oakland CA 94607

Endgame has been my favorite game store for years now. Many game stores only offer you a few choices when it comes to books, game space, accessories, and help from experts. Endgame gives you all of this and then some. Never have I been to a store that will have copies of the latest games from all the major producers, European games, and indie small press games but also has a great selection of old used games as well. Plus the crew is always willing to chat with you about a game that your not sure about and even go out of their way to find you demo if they can, so you can try it yourself.

The miniature support is great for nearly every line out there (I do lament the loss of interest in Warmachine, but that's community not the shops fault) and there is plenty of tables and some of the best terrain I have seen. Also when it comes to that laborious and difficult process of actually painting up the army, Endgame has some top notch painters and model makers on staff to answer questions and steer you in the right direction no matter your level of expertise.

Endgame is also far and away the most well stocked game store I have ever been to. Even when I am sure that they will be out of a small run game, new release or even something I missed from a few months back and now need to pick up Endgame has it, or can get it for you in a week. Plus if you lose or forget anything they got all the dice, templates, counters and other accessories you need to play your game.

Despite all the things I have said before about how much I love Endgame, nothing will compare to how they treat the community. Never have I been in a game store and been this well treated. At Endgame your not just a costumer, your a friend. Even if your not in to buy a thing that week, they make you feel at home. I have even been a part of a few short lived groups at Endgame in the past for L5R and Warmachine. Despite the fact that they have both lost players and interest, Endgame is willing to take you on and support you through your next game. That means a lot to me as some other stores in the past have not been as supportive of smaller, niche or waning games.

Then there is the big things like the Endgame minicons that they put on throughout the year that let you try just about anything. You may even be in a game run by its designer. The relationships that Endgame has with developers and designers is amazing. There are also auctions, anniversaries, tournaments, game days and convention events. Everyone in the industry knows the crew at Endgame and their mission to bring gaming to everyone. So when it comes to gaming there is no other place like Endgame.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by GMVictory »

31st Century Games & Hobbies
2113-B 151st St, Olathe, KS 66062

An excellent store that serves the NE Kansas gaming community. A wide variety of games, miniatures, wargaming, boardgames, card games, and rpgs are kept well stocked. Online gaming is available also with desktop computers on site for your MMO needs. Orders are easily made with the staff or owner if there is anything that isn't on the shelves.

31CGH posts a schedule on their website that lists gaming activities well in advance of occurrence. Worldwide D&D Game Day, Magic, RPGA, various miniature wargaming, and boardgame nights are supported. Several tables for wargaming (along with terrain) and other games are available. Many times a month the store hosts a gaming event. Vending machines and a refrigerator with drinks is available to provide life-sustaining needs and a well maintained bathroom is available so you don't have to leave unless you want to or its closing time.

The owner and staff are very friendly and helpful to everyone who enters the store, even regulars are extended every courtesy as well. The store is well maintained and clean. The owner and staff are very knowledgeable and if the answer isn't known right away they will look it up online to provide it.

The store also has an ebay presence and will sell books and collectibles for store credit for customers. For some of us looking to make some bookshelf space this is an excellent service.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by bigznak »

Games Plus
101 W. Prospect Ave. Mt. Prospect, IL Phone: 847-577-9656

Product selection: Games Plus has everything, and the kitchen sink. If I am looking for any gaming product, I usually try there first. I have to drive over 1 1/2 hours usually (stupid chicago traffic) to get there but will gladly do it every time.

Stock levels: They have a great stock of all types of products. Minis, rpg books, war games (historical, sci-fi, fantasy, etc...), board games, card games, novels.

Events and community support: Games Plus always usually has something going. Next month is Games Day. Can't wait. 2 events = about 13 hours of gaming. Gotta love it.

Play space: Has a huge back room with plenty of space.

Gamer outreach: I have never had a bad run-in with any of the staff at Games-plus. They have all been nice and helpful.

Games Plus - Chicagoland's Source for Adventure Gaming for Over 26 Years
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by monkeysammich »

Secret Headquarters
2418 N. Monroe St.
Suite 210
Tallahassee, FL 32303

Phone: (850) 385-2736

I'd like to nominate Secret Headquarters here in Tallahassee Florida. This relatively new store sprung up out of no where in the community and quickly became my favorite brick-and-mortar shop in the region. The owner, Brian, is very knowledgeable about his products... and any question you may have, he goes out of his way to answer or find the answer. Not only that, but he treats each and every patron with respect, greeting them as they come in and making them feel welcome. Brian is a family man with an adorable daughter (he keeps a picture of her changing Galactus' diaper on the counter... no joke!) and lovely wife, and you can tell he is just an honest family man with a love for comics and gaming.

The most striking thing about the store, to me, is the cleanliness and lighting. Most comic and gaming stores that I've gone to in my life have posters covering the windows and the lighting is dim, creating the "basement type" ambiance. In SHQ, the windows are wide open to the sky and the lighting is bright. Because of this the store looks cleaner, more inviting. I feel good walking through the store knowing that I'm in a place that is well maintained. It really makes a difference.

Now, onto the content of the store. Brian keeps his store well stocked. He always ensures that people get what they order in their file, or any special orders arrive on the next truck. I've never had to wait for what I wanted... if it wasnt already in stock, I never had to wait more than a week for it to be in my hands. SHQ also tries to do special events for big name releases... for the release of 4e, Brian had a "midnight madness" in which his wife baked a cake with D&D minis on it, sodas and raffle giveaways. For a small "mom and pop" shop, he had at least 20 people there... at midnight. It was amazing. (And I went home with a zombie mini on my cake).

Some other things that SHQ hosts... they do a once a month game night at a local venue where board games, card games and RPGs are played with a few dozen people. They demo new games, host Worldwide Gamedays and other events during these monthly game nights. They have also participated in Free Comic Book Day and Free RPG Day, holding raffles and special sales (My favorite is the 1d20 % off any RPG items you buy. I rolled a 20 the most recent time... I'm that good.)

Sure, they do the normal things like offering discounts on pre-ordered items, discounted comic subscriptions... but they also go above and beyond by learning my name... know what's going on in my life... referring to my wife and daughter by name (even when they arent with me)... and Brian even joined me once for a Living Forgotten Realms game that I was hosting.

Do I wish they had more room for gaming? Of course... but economic times are rough and rent can be tricky. Someday, we're gonna get them into a bigger building and I'm going to help him host RPGA games on a regular basis (though I haven't told them this, yet.)

That's why I think Secret Headquarters in Tallahassee Florida deserves to be America's Favorite Game Store.


EDIT: Also, my wife just reminded me of two things. SHQ has a "kid's corner" with toys and a beanbag chair so that your kids can do something while you're shopping. They also do a Gift Registry so that you can pick out a wishlist for holidays and birthdays. Never heard of anything like that in a comics store before.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by dintaur »

I second the nomination of Secret Headquarters in Tallahassee, FL for all of the same reasons posted by Justin (ya beat me to it, ya big galloot!)

Seriously, this is the best gaming store I have been in and I make it a point to visit gaming stores in every town and city I visit.

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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by MichaelSomething »

The Games Keep, LLC
929 South High Street
Parkway Center
West Chester, PA 19382
Amazon market site ... ZO2BKLLWTU

reposted from my blog...

This blog post is all about my Friendly Local Gaming Store, The Games Keep! A place where games are kept! A good FLGS is worth supportting. Today I'm gonna support it by blogging about it! I would support it by buying more stuff from it but I'm poor and don't like to buy stuff unless I use it. But you didn't come here to read about my eoconomic status, did you? You want infomation on a great FLGS!

The Games Keep is located in the Parkway Center in West Chester, PA. It's owner is named Karl. One of the best things about it is how easy it is to get to it. Simply take the High Street Exit on Route 202 and take the first right turn. It's right there! Simple, eh?

The Games Keep lives up to its name all right. It has over 1200 different gaming products! It has hundreds of board games including war games, euro games, and party games. Apples to Apples, Set, Flux, and Goa are just a few of the games this place has. There is also an entensive collection of RPG products including many of the WOTC 3rd Edition D&D books, some Shadowrun stuff, and lot of 3rd party products from Pathfinder, Goodman, and Necromancer. And to top it all off, there's a very repectable collection of Magic: The Gathering products. You can buy packs from all sorts of sets and the single collection is nothing to sneeze at either. The Games Keep collection of games is impressvie to say the least.

No FLGS is complete without a gaming area. It may only have 4 tables for gaming but those tables are well used. Thursdays are for Magic the Gathering. Elder Dragon Highlander is the most popular format that day. Friday nights are for boardgames and it's always busy. If you can't make it on Fridays you can always try every other Saturday for your boardgaming needs but it may be as busy. The rest of of the weekends are largely for RPGs. There's plenty of D&D games being held there. Hosted events include Worldwide D&D game days as well as Free RPG Day. There's even a Living Forgotten Realms game open for anyone to join! The other D&D games include a sea-ish campaign, a paragon fey-ish campaign, and a campaign partly DMed by yours truly. There's even games that are not D&D! There was a 7th Sea Campaign, a Stars Wars Saga Campaign, Mutants and Mastersminds, and a Song of Ice and Fire is currently being played. The Games Keep is a place to game.

The Games Keep even goes online! There a regular newsletter that goes out informing its customers of upcoming events and products. It even has an Amazon Market Place! Hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. If your the type of person who can't resist Amazon's low low prices, consider doing your online ordering from The Games Keep. You'll pay less and support a real FLGS; the best of both worlds!

I could go on like this for at least 500 more words but I think you get the point. The Games Keep is worth keeping around. I'll end this by placing the contact info for the place. If you're ever in the West Chester area, check it out!

Also, The Games Keep is simply a great FLGS that does what a FLGS should do. It's a great thing for a gamer to have.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by I Am Hoju »

Myriad Games
8 Stiles Road
Salem, NH 03079
(603) 681-0355

Myriad Games offers a wide variety of board games, card games, collectible minis games, and RPG Products. They almost always have anything their customers are looking for in stock from stuff that just came out to older out of print games. Anything they don't have in stock they are glad to try to find and order for you. They run events on an almost daily basis including FNM, family game nights, rpg days and miniature tournaments. They even have tables available to run game events upon request for any sort of game you like if you just ask ahead of time. The employees, in my experience, are very knowledgeable about the games they carry. They are always happy to give explanations of games to customers and are more than willing to spend the time to help their customers find the right game to give them a fun experience. They also offer a newsletter and calender detailing all their events and new releases each month. On top of that they offer monthly free games drawings for any customers that wish to enter, all of which makes keeping up to date on games easy and fun.

Now, these things are all great but I am sure most stores can boast a similar set of credentials. The real thing that puts Myriad Games a cut above the competition is their podcast. They produce a weekly podcast reviewing everything from board games to the rules changes for D&D 4th edition. This is a great way to support the gaming community worldwide and not just for their own store. Their podcasts are not only informative usually giving a good idea of what the game play in these games is like but also gives a variety of opinions from different types of gamers on whether or not gamers of their style would enjoy the games they are reviewing. Anyone interested can find their podcast on Itunes just by searching for myriad games, or by looking under the "other games" category of the podcast page.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by xnrdcorex »

I'd like to second...

Myriad Games
(603) 681-0355
8 Stiles Road
Salem, NH 03079

This store has everything from top euro board games(carcasonne, puerto rico, powergrid) to american classics(monopoly) and modern favorites(Fantasy Flight products).

The store also features numerous role-playing game products(WoTC stuff) and miniatures products(both privateer press products and WoTC stuff) from both d20 games and 4th edition games. They run magic events every Friday, have casual events during the week, and run preleases for magic products, as well as provide content for customers such as Free-RPG day and world-wide D&D day and such.

Aside from base products, Myriad Games also provides tons of dice, paints, everything you could think of, all in the cleanest, friendliest environment of any game store I have ever been in.

Products are almost always on hand but if they aren't, Dan the owner, as well as the other helpful employees are always willing to order anything you coupld possibly ask for from the most obscure out of print board game to just released books that happened to have sold out quickly. And you never have to wait for these things to come in, they have them wiating for you the day they say they will.

There are many other reasons why I enjoy this store over any other, but the most is probably atmosphere. The inside of myriad games is well-lit, smells nice, and is always clean. The employees smile and ask you if you need help. They act professional and treat customer with both a welcoming manner and a helpful attitude. If the place being clean and smelling nice isn't a enough though, they provide so many events and so many opportunities to meet other gamers and enjoy the games you play that this place just stands out amongst all other game stores in New England.

These are the many reasons I appreciate and enjoy Myriad Games and why I second its nomination.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by darjr »

The Game Shoppe
1406 Harlan Dr
Bellevue, NE 68005

They carry games from Euro board games to miniatures to card games to RPG's. They have large, clean, and comfortable play area. They host a lot of D&D and RPGS. Every world wide D&D game day from the first I ever attended.

They have miniature terrain and lots of open 'store' games for anybody to just grab and start playing.

The people are great and they support a wide variety of games, the employees are gamers at heart and really understand the hobby.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Count_Zero »

Ancient Wonders
19060 SW Boones Ferry Rd
Tualatin, OR 97062
(503) 692-0753

They carry a broad selection of role playing games and board games, as well as comics, and they have a very large, comfortable, and expansive play area on the second floor, which is nice and well lit, and has windows. They've also hosted RPGA events semi-regularly. Ancient Wonders is the first game store I've ever gone to, back when I was about 13, and I've gone there regularly since then - I am now 24.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Koushiro »

Village Games
2665 4th Ave N, Suite #1, Anoka, MN 55303 USA

I can't think of any gaming product or supply that Village doesn't support and if I could I'm sure they'd go out and start! The store is crammed full of puzzles, miniatures lines for war-gaming and role-playing, collectible and noncollectable card games, and more modeling supplies then most of the dedicated modeling stores I've been in and the tools to use it all. They've got everything there to buy it, assemble it, paint it and play with it. They're even one of the number one retailers for Games Workshop in the US.

They've got old stuff you wouldn't expect (Disc Wars, Dragon Dice, the classic AD&D library), out of print board games usually at good discounts, a knowledgeable staff whose happy to spend time explaining a game or make a special order if they're out of stock and tons of space to game. Two large dedicated rooms for just gaming as well as special members hours so they can stay open late.

There is almost no end to the events that happen at Village Games either. Between the weekly RPG sessions (Alpha Omega, D&D, Serenity, Conspiracy X, Savage Worlds, Castles and Crusades, Mechwarrior, etc) and the regular meetings of the Warhammer Fantasy Club, you've also got your standard support of Magic tournaments, 40k events, Rogue Trader and Hard boyz, as well as demos for almost any game imaginable they still manage to host a night dedicated to just painting or board gaming!

One of the owners is even designing his own historical miniatures war game, Combat Cards. It's actually started production and sold out twice so far to my knowledge. They're just starting up a whole WW2 league that will use it for this summer.

All in all they're everything I could ever hoped or dreamed of for a game shop and I'd certainly consider them a favorite.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by Bailywolf »

Tyche's Games
1056 S. Lumpkin Street
Athens, GA 30605

Product selection: Tyche's carries the works - a huge selection of both mainstream RPG books and indies, CCG's and collectible and trad minis games, board games, anime fandom collectables, a HUGE used book section, and anime DVD rentals.

Stock levels: Sean, the owner and proprietor usually has what I'm looking for, even obscure and small press titles. Tyche's stocks the bread and butter titles, and new arrivals come in weekly.

Events and community support: Tyche's is host to regular RPG demo nights, Free RPG Day, and hosts local gaming clubs (rpg, ccg, and board games). They're also happy to accommodate people who want to run open game and demo nights. There's always someone hanging out, playing L5R or talking. I drop in sometimes just to hang out.

Play space: Tyche's has modest but comfortable play space which sees regular use for casual gaming and tourney play for local clubs.

Gamer outreach: Sean is unfailingly courteous and helpful when casual patrons wander in- during our Wednsday night after-hours game, there are always three or four people who wander in (more when UGA is in session), and Sean makes a point to see that they're taken care of, and don't feel like they're intruding.

Other: Tyche's was the first place I found when I moved to Athens, and fairly quickly I began gaming with the owner and one of his regular groups. Sean is long into the hobby- his knowledge is both broad and deep. He stays abreast of new games (reviewing many), but his knowledge of older and OOP games is sometimes scary.

Tyche's has always been friendly and open, and seems to inspire the same in its regulars. I've had the best gaming in my life in and around Tyche's or with people I met there.
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FLGS: Game Universe - Franklin WI

Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by naturaltwenty »

Game Universe
4631 S. 108th St.
Greenfield, WI 53228

Online Store -

Game Universe is on of the best gaming stores in Wisconsin. They are the brick-and-mortar front end for Gamers Attic/ This means that not only do they have 1 of just about everything that comes out they usually have multiples. For a gaming group that buys alot of books that's a big plus. The whole group can walk in at the same time and walk out with all the stuff they need. It's a one-stop shop! They also carry an extensive line of independent games and smaller press games as well.

Their dedication to the gaming community is outstanding. They sponsor both the Milwaukee Boardgame Meetup and the Milwaukee D&D Meetup - along with hosting D&D Game Days and assisting with local convention support. The owner, James, will even extend hours for instore games that run over. He really goes out of his way to assist you in any way (discounts for particpants, gift cards, etc).

They have a full schedule of Magic The Gathering tournaments, board game nights, open rpg gaming and much, much, more.

This is the type of store that is a true hub for meeting people and generating gaming community involvement.

Greg Volz
Natural Twenty Games
Greg Volz
Natural Twenty Games
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my game store

Post by easton1971 »

Greenfield Games
228 Main St
Greenfield, MA 01301

I am one longest stand players at Greenfield Games. I seen It rise for a game place( with some store) to the gaming store I ever been in. They are very help when you looking for something different or new( witch they may not even carry at all and still help you find it) . That is a sign of a true gamer who wants to see his customers happy. Yes I do be Store are owners are gamers, but that make them passionate of there job.

They carry alot in stock on the in the store . Store is always clean and has friendly staff. the have lots events and places to play.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by douglasesims »

Fanboy Comics
419 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403
(910) 452-7828

Product selection: They carry a wide variety of games, including accessories, smaller lines, niche products, and all the basics.

Stock levels: They almost always have a copy of what I want in stock.

Events and community support: By hosting Free RPG Days, Worldwide D&D Game Day, delve nights, Friday Night Magic, RPGA, or other event, this store supports the local game community fully.

Play space: They do have in-store gaming. There is terrain for miniatures gaming. They do run various events.

Gamer outreach: The store does represent our hobby well to the casual customer. They are courteous advocates of gaming who behave to a high standard of customer service.

Other: The owner/employees are all professional and friendly and sincerely want and try to help you when you visit the store. Also, they all seem to know everything or at least have an opinion on things when asked.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by ihenning »

Rising Phoenix Games
21-69 Main Street
Cherry Valley, MA 01611

Product selection: They huge variety of games- board, rpg, card etc.

Stock levels: They quite often have what I’m looking for- and can quickly order it if they don’t have it available.

Events and community support: They host all sorts of RPG, LARP, card events.

Play space: They have a separate room for use as well as tables in the main store- fantastic!

Other: Everyone at Rising Phoenix is helpful, friendly and very willing to talk to people and help them figure out what game they might be interested in, find a specific game they are looking for, or for hooking people up to play games.
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Post by daidoji ryushi »

Quarterstaff Games
152 Church Street
Burlington, Vermont 05401

Product selection: What doesn't Quarterstaff have? That's the easier way to answer this. From the staples of any gaming store, to family oriented and niche games, I am always surprised, pleasantly so, when checking out what they have. Also a nice selection of used games for purchase as well. CCGs, RPGs, CMGs, Tactical Minis, Dice, Paints, board games, card games, accessories.... they have it all.

Stock levels: If it is available, they seem to have it, or if they don't they can always special order it for you. The shelves are always well stocked and looking full, usually with multiple copies of what it is you are looking for.

Events and community support: Full, 7-days-a-week event calendar and always something going on! Quarterstaff is also a large part of the Cons in and around Vermont. Family friendly events too! Also participates in most industry promotion days.

Play space: Next door to the store proper is Quarterstaff's GameSpace. A large, CLEAN play area with several large tables and a full selection of miniatures terrain available upon request. I cannot stress enough that this is the cleanest place to play games I have seen at a game store.

Gamer outreach: One of the few stores that actually provide customer service any more. The staff is all outgoing and knowledge able and you get the feeling that they are interested in you not just as a gamer but as a member of a greater community.
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