Free RPG game day 2018

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Free RPG game day 2018

Post by Belares »

Is there anything going on for Free RPG game day 2018 on June 16th? I am hoping to run some DCC or MCC at my local gameshop. I talked to them and was told they haven't seen anything. That is ok I still plan on running something if not. Who can i contact to find out? I plan on doing it at GameHQ on 89th and Western in Oklahoma City, OK.
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Re: Free RPG game day 2018

Post by Nicolosi »

Is Free RPG game day still a thing? I've not seen anything regarding this event for years now.
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Re: Free RPG game day 2018

Post by finarvyn »

Yes, it's still a thing. I think that some game stores participate and others don't, so depending upon the stance of your local store you might or might not get much exposure to it. I know that my closest store hasn't done it for years, but another one an hour from my house does. This means at least once a year I gas up the car and drive an hour... 8)
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Re: Free RPG game day 2018

Post by Yakov38M »

Yeah, the most deep in the sticks the shop is located, the more chances they have to do something for Free RPG day, that's a constant all over the world as much as I know :lol: but it any case, every time I talk about it with other RPG players and shop owners, they all think I'm trying to prank them...
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