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July 31, 2016
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Gen Con 2016 Is This Week!

Gen Con
Gen Con starts in just a few days! Make sure you visit us in our new bigger booth in the exhibition hall (#413), and plan your weekend with the Goodman Games event tracker!

In addition to more games than we've ever had before, we've also got tons of seminars, tournaments, and other special events.

Gen Con Special Events
  • Seminars:
    • "How to Write Adventure Modules That Don't Suck": Get advice from some of Goodman Games' best writers about making interesting and unique adventures. 7-8 PM Friday, Crowne Plaza, Grand Central Ballroom A.
    • "How to Run a Successful Kickstarter Campaign": Joseph Goodman and other publisher friends talk about how to make the most of your crowdfunding effort. 3-4 PM Friday, Crowne Plaza, Victoria Station.
    • "Book Manufacturing 101": Learn about various book manufacturing techniques from Joseph Goodman. 7-8 PM Thursday, Crowne Plaza, Pennsylvania Station.
    • "Exploring the Gaming Fiction of Gary Gygax's Appendix N": Several Goodman Games luminaries discuss Appendix N literature, how it shaped D&D, and how it shaped their own games. 8-9PM Friday, Crowne Plaza, Grand Central Ballroom C.
    • "What's New With Goodman Games": The most anticipated seminar for fans of Goodman Games...find out what's new and in the pipeline for Goodman Games. We'll be making a very exciting announcement about our second Appendix N license! 7-8 PM Saturday, Crowne Plaza, Victoria Station.
  • Writer-palooza: Meet the Goodman Games stable of writers at booth #413 for autographs and pictures! Michael Curtis, Harley Stroh, Joseph Goodman, Steve Crompton, Brendan LaSalle, Jim Wampler Jobe Bittman, Chris Doyle, Dieter Zimmerman, Terry Olson, Steven Bean, Tim Callahan, James Floyd Kelly, Bob Brinkman, Jon Hershberger, and more! 1-2 PM Friday at the booth.
  • "Happy Birthday" cards for Metamorphosis Alpha and Judges Guild: We will have giant 40th birthday cards at the booth all weekend for Metamorphosis Alpha and Judges Guild! We want as many gamers as possible to come sign them! After the convention, they will be given to James M. Ward and Bob Bledsaw, Jr. to celebrate their impressive milestones.
  • Raffle: Every single person who buys something at the booth or attends one of our seminars will be entered in a raffle. The prizes include original art, some of the expensive leather-bound books, some "printer artifacts" from Joseph's garage, and other random things of interest. The drawings will be held at the Goodman Games booth (#413) at 1 PM on Sunday right after the tournament awards!
  • Tournaments: This year four tournaments are going on! If you weren't lucky enough to get into a Goodman Games event, have no fear. These are drop-in tournaments that can by played by any number of players with generic tickets! Just find the session you want and wait in line until someone dies - then you take their seat. Come to the booth at 1 PM Sunday for the awards ceremony.
    • Carnival of the Damned: a 0-level tournament written and judged by David Baity. 2-6 PM and 8 PM-midnight on Friday.
    • Enter the Dagon II: Prove you are the greatest wizard ever in this spell duel tournament. 7-11 PM Thursday, 8 PM-midnight Friday and Saturday.
    • Warlord of the Purple Planet: a tournament and playtest for a DCC board game! 2-6 PM Thursday, 9 AM-1 PM Friday, and 2-6 PM Saturday.
    • Reliquary of the Ancient Ones: The first 0-level tournament for Mutant Crawl Classics. 10 AM-2 PM Thursday and Friday, 9 AM-1 PM Saturday.
  • Tournament prizes: And yes, the tournaments have awesome prizes! We'll give these out to the winners at the awards ceremony, Sunday 1PM at the booth!
Way of the Dagon II
Enter the Dagon II championship belt

MCC trophies
Mutant Crawl Classics trophies

Warlord helm
The Warlord's Helm: prize for the winner of the Warlord of the Purple Planet tournament

Gen Con New Releases

Yes, really. All of these new items will be on sale at the booth! Many of the more specialized items are printed in short runs just for Gen Con.

DCC #91: Journey to the Center of Aereth

DCC #91: Journey to the Center of Aereth sketch cover

DCC #91.1: The Lost City of Barako

DCC #92: Through the Dragonwall

DCC #83.2: Death Among the Pines

Anaheim Crawl, DCC edition

Anaheim Crawl, Maximum Xcrawl edition

Chuck's Lucky Dice

Alamanter's Extraspacial Angularities

Gen Con 2016 Program Guide

Metamorphosis Alpha 40th Anniversary Reprint

Judges Guild Book of Treasure Maps

Fifth Edition Fantasy #8: Eye of the Leviathan

Fifth Edition Fantasy #9: The Fallen Temple

Fifth Edition Fantasy #10: The Castle in the Sky

Scrivener of Strange Wor(l)ds

The Devil's Chapbook

The Drain Chamber

Grimtooth's Tomb of the Warhammer

Rat-Snake: a Lankhmar Dice Game

DCC "Sailors" Lunch Box

DCC "Demon" Lunch Box

DCC Hats

Metamorphosis Alpha Hat

DCC "Dagon" T-shirt

DCC "Demon Skull" T-shirt

Journey to the Center of Aereth T-shirt

DCC Kids' T-shirt

Mutant Crawl Classics T-shirt

Metamorphosis Alpha T-shirt

Judges Guild 40th Anniversary T-shirt

Age of Cthulhu 9: The Lost Expedition

DCC #68: People of the Pit sketch cover

DCC #69: The Emerald Enchanter sketch cover

DCC #71: The 13th Skull sketch cover

DCC #75: The Sea Queen Escapes! sketch cover

DCC #76: Colossus, Arise! sketch cover

DCC #78: Fate's Fell Hand sketch cover

DCC #79: Frozen In Time foil cover

DCC 4th Printing Update

Gilded edges

DCC RPG is the first RPG product to include thumb tabs, gilded edges, sewn-in bookmarks, a dust jacket, and fold-out reference panels all in the same book. At one point the printer told us they couldn't produce the book with all these features, and offered a partial refund! 

The good news is, after much negotiation and experimentation, the printer has developed a process to handle all of it at the same time. Kickstarter backers will get all the features, and post-Kickstarter pre-orders get most of them!

Now that the special features are sorted out, the printer has an estimated date of when goods will ship from their facility. That date is in mid to late August. Note: we are NOT saying that you will receive your products then! That's when the books ship from the printer. Once we have confirmation they have shipped, we'll post expected delivery dates. More to come once we have solid dates, but it's reasonable to state a general range of October/November.

More details and pictures here!

Adventure Module Design Contest in Cooperation With The Rodney Awards

Rodney awards

You've always wanted to have your DCC RPG adventure published by Goodman Games, right? Here's your chance! The Rodney Awards are a game and adventure design contest presented in collaboration with Gamehole Con. Write a DCC adventure based on one of the images on the DCC Judge's Screen, and we will publish the best submission!

There will be three separate Rodney awards handed out this year at Gamehole Con 2016. Because Goodman Games has generously agreed to publish the winning RPG adventures, there is a separate award category just for the best DCC RPG Adventure.

Winners receive several prizes, and Goodman Games will publish the winning adventure!

Submissions are due September 9, and the winner will be announced at Gamehole Con in November. To enter your adventure, and find out more about the Rodneys, visit

You do not have to attend Gamehole Con to submit an entry! Start on your submission today!

Visit for these and other regular updates! As always, you can contact us at