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July 17, 2016
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Last Chance for Mutant Crawl Classics

Mutant Crawl Classics
Terra AD awaits! Only two days left for the Mutant Crawl Classics Kickstarter!

Mutant Crawl Classics (MCC RPG) is a stand-alone setting that applies the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG rules to a post-apocalyptic setting. You'll love MCC if you like Gamma World, Metamorphosis Alpha, or DCC RPG. You don't need to own DCC to play MCC.

The Kickstarter has raised over $150,000 so far, and is still going strong. We've unlocked quite a few stretch goals:
  • Seven adventures. SEVEN! Free for backers in PDF, or in print as an add-on.
  • The Mutant Manual and the AI Addendum, both to be included as part of the core book.
  • The Data Orb, a special item that is both MCC RPG supplement and in-game artifact! Written primarily by TSR veteran Tim Kask, the Data Orb is more than a game aid -- it's something that will make you a better GM.
  • A free GM screen for all backers.
Cool add-ons include the print block (all stretch goals in printed form), dice in either radioactive green or glow-in-the-dark, MCC RPG T-shirts, and a color slipcase.

Pledging during the KS is a great chance to get a huge haul with lots of freebies! If you buy later you don't get all the stretch goals!

Pledge now so you don't miss your chance!

Not convinced yet?

Well, listen to this episode of the Spellburn podcast. Jim Wampler returns to the show to talk all about Mutant Crawl Classics! Every question you've ever had about the game is answered here.

RPPR Actual Play logo
MCC RPG Actual Play

Listen as the gamers from Role Playing Public Radio play through the Free RPG Day MCC adventure The Museum at the End of Time. There's no better way to find out what MCC RPG is all about!

Living 4 Crits
More MCC RPG Actual Play

Check out this video of actual play with James Walls on Living 4 Crits! They are also playing The Museum at the End of Time. How many characters die this time? You have to watch to find out!

Sanctum Secorum
Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth

Jim Wampler is a guest on this episode of the Sanctum Secorum podcast, where the hosts discuss Kamandi: the Last Boy on Earth by Jack Kirby. It's one of the primary influences of Mutant Crawl Classics, and the Companion for this episode includes new classes, monsters, and patrons for use in your DCC or MCC game!

Gen Con 2016

Gen Con
Gen Con is only three weeks away! Check our website soon for details on our glorious new releases, plan your schedule around Goodman Games events with our Gen Con event grid, and make sure you visit us in our new bigger booth at location 413 in the exhibition hall!

And you won't want to miss the "What's New With Goodman Games" seminar... we've got another exciting announcement about an Appendix N author!

Road Crew Flyer Contest

Calling all ROAD CREW judges!

The rowdy Road Crew blows our minds again and again! And the latest point of amazement is the homemade poster art that Road Warriors make to advertise their upcoming games.

WE WANT MORE! The Dark Master declares there shall be a CONTEST!

Send us your best home-made flyer advertising an upcoming Road Crew game. It can be for Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, Judges Guild, Metamorphosis Alpha, or Xcrawl. A team of Illustrious Experts will judge them on their creative merits, artistic aspirations, and overall awesomeability, and the winner shall earn a Fabulous Prize, along with the regard of their peers and a shout out on the website.

The deadline is August 1! Send your entries to with the subject "Road Crew Flyer Contest." Here are a couple of the awesome homemade submissions we've received so far:

DCC Flyer
MCC Flyer

More Fifth Edition Fantasy Coming Soon!

Eye of the Leviathan

Fifth Edition Fantasy #8: Eye of the Leviathan

A level 8 adventure by Chris Doyle

Murder! Ripples of shock pour through the wee hours of the sleepy fishing shanty of Port Scuttle. An innocent young fishmonger, beloved by the locals, has been brutally murdered in her own shop. Stunned by the grisly act, the typically hardened townsfolk turn to powerful heroes to investigate the gruesome deed. Could the fishmonger's recent discovery of a massive black pearl be a possible motive? The heroes' goal is to not only bring the perpetrator to justice, but determine the twisted purpose behind the ghastly act. Concerned townsfolk decry that the evildoer must hang for his or her despicable crime. Yet when the heroes finally track down the murderer, he is already dead by the noose, and the investigation has truly only begun. Clues hint at even darker designs, as an ancient evil stirs to reclaim a once lost malevolent relic.

The Fallen Temple

Fifth Edition Fantasy #9: The Fallen Temple

A level 10 adventure by James Floyd Kelly

Fighting against the biting winds and relentless snow to reach the other side of the mountain range known as the Demon's Teeth, a team of adventurers passes the evenings around the campfire listening to your guide's folktales of horrific beasts, bottomless ice pits, and a forgotten temple and its corrupted priestess. And now, with temperatures dropping and a legendary beast in pursuit, these heroes must decide whether to push on or take shelter and fight against an awakened evil that demands worship or delivers death.
The Castle in the Sky
Fifth Edition Fantasy #10: The Castle in the Sky

A level 5 adventure by Bob Brinkman

Bold adventurers cross paths with an ancient castle, adrift in the winds above. What they find there is a history of intrigue and warfare, with time folding and unfolding all around them. They are heroes foretold by the architect and ruler of the palace, the ancient elven wizard Kaligby. He looks to them, across time and space, to aid him in uncovering the ancient evil that has led to centuries of warfare and death. What will the characters find as they walk the history of the Castle in the Sky?

Visit for these and other regular updates! As always, you can contact us at