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May 22, 2016
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Kickstarter Live for Age of Cthulhu 9: The Lost Expedition

Age of Cthulhu 9
Age of Cthulhu 9: The Lost Expedition
by Jon Hook

If you've ever wanted to combine mutant dinosaurs with alien planets and the Cthulhu mythos, this is your chance! The Kickstarter for this adventure is now live, and already funded with several stretch goals unlocked!

Deep in the Gobi Desert, the investigators discover a strange artifact amidst primordial fossils. The alien device is a gateway to a conduit to travel throughout the cosmos, known as The Great White Space. The investigators are then propelled to an alien world ruled by the Elder Things, a strange alien race of macabre scientists. Desperate to find a way home, the investigators must survive a hostile and alien world filled with mutant dinosaurs and the Elder Thing's amorphous and putrid slave-beasts, the shoggoths!

The basic funding level covers a hardcover format, and stretch goals have already unlocked DCC stats for 10 Cthulhu mythos creatures, plus guidelines for running The Lost Expedition with the upcoming Pulp Cthulhu rules from Chaosium.

Pledge today!

DCC Adventure Design Contest for The Rodney Awards

Rodney Award
What are the Rodneys? Great question. They are the name of the awards for the Gamehole Con game design contest. And we are very excited to announce that Goodman Games is sponsoring a DCC design track at the 2016 Rodney Awards!

This is your chance to have your DCC adventure published! There will be three separate awards handed out this year at Gamehole Con 2016. They will crown the best submission in each of the three following categories - RPG Adventure (any setting), RPG Adventure (DCC Rules) and Board Game.

Goodman Games will be publishing the winning RPG adventures, both for the general track (trademarks permitting) and for the DCC track. If you've ever wanted to break into the RPG writing business, this is a great place to start!

For detailed rules and how to submit your awesome adventure, please visit the Rodney Awards page!

World Tour/Road Crew Updates

                          Crew pics Gamers everywhere continue to get awesome swag for running public DCC games. Remember, you can submit pictures of your Road Crew games by emailing them to Brendan. You could appear here, in the Gen Con Program Guide, or elsewhere!
                          Crew pics
Above: a young player pays close attention to James' narration.

Below: Frozen in Time played in lovely Hampshire, United Kingdom!

Road Crew pics
                          Crew pics
Above: James Walls runs DCC at a Tabletop Day event.

Below: Tim Deschene's group tries to survive the Caves at Yander Mountain.

Road Crew pics

                            Con 2016 Gen Con 2016

Gen Con 2016 event registration is open! Download the guide to all the Goodman Games events so you're prepared! Also keep an eye on our Gen Con 2016 page to stay abreast of all the other Gen Con announcements as they happen!
Gen Con takes place in Indianapolis, IN on August 4-7.

World Tour World Tour Upcoming Dates

Convention season is in full swing now! Meet some of the Goodman Games crew and play games at these upcoming cons:
  • Nexus Game Fair (May 27-30, Milwaukee WI) with Brendan LaSalle
  • North Texas RPG Con (June 2-5, Fort Worth TX) with Michael Curtis, Doug Kovacs, Jobe Bittman, Jon Hershberger
  • Origins Game Fair (June 15-20, Columbus OH) with Brendan LaSalle
  • KantCon (July 22-24, Overland Park KS) with Jon Hershberger

Community News

Help fund a school RPG club!

Cory Gahsman, aka DM Cojo, teaches middle school in Michigan. He started a rolepaying club for the students and it has grown huge!

Cory says: "The club has been a fantastic experience, and many of the kids in the group are interested in continuing the experience next year.  The club has been a great social outlet for many kids who don't fit into the traditional social groups at the school, and new friendships are forming because of the game.

My vision is to build a RPG library for the school, of both old and new types of games (and of course, dice!).  Students could then check games out and play them on their own."

Read more and donate here!

Visit for these and other regular updates! As always, you can contact us at