X-Crawl RPG Sourcebooks
     X-Crawl is a complete role playing game published under the 3.5 OGL rules. The following supplements are available to expand your game - click on a cover to learn more:
GM Screen & Adventure: All of the new information available at your fingertips, with a great new image by Xcrawl cover artist Chris Appel! Plus a 32-page adventure module, The Inaugural Celebrity Pro/Am Crawl.
Guild Sourcebook: The Games and the NAE rely on three powerful organizations to make sure that everything stays in line: the Adventurer's Guild, Mage's Guild, and the Specialist's Guild. This is the book that lets you in on their secrets.
Sell Out!: The definitive character's guide to Xcrawl, this player sourcebook includes everything you need to take your character to the next level.