X-Crawl RPG Adventures
     X-Crawl is a complete role playing game published under the 3.5 OGL rules. The following adventures are available to expand your game - click on a cover to learn more:
Free RPG Day 2013: Includes the 2013 Studio City Crawl, a level 6-8 adventure by Brendan LaSalle! This is the first published adventure for Maximum Xcrawl, the upcoming Pathfinder adaptation of Xcrawl.
Dungeonbattle Brooklyn: Level 1 introductory adventure. The players are young, untested Xcrawl players united by their hopes to go professional!
Three Rivers Crawl: Level 4 adventure. Go up against the newest and most advanced Crawl in the league for fame, glory, honor, and gift certificates to Admiral's Crab Shack!
Inaugural Celebrity Pro-Am Crawl: Level 5-6 adventure. Reach for the stars...and team up with them for your next adventure! This short adventure was originally included with the GM screen.
Las Vegas Crawl: Level 6-8 adventure. Las Vegas and Xcrawl have a long history. Itís the city that loves to gamble, and Xcrawl offers plenty of angles to bet on!
IndyCrawl: Level 6-8 adventure. Charismatic DJ HoosierDaddy has created a challenging new crawl featuring evil fairies, go-kart jousting, and the now-infamous Gummi Golem! 
Necromerica: Level 7 adventure. Get ready for deadly traps, super-suave sphinxes, cavorting kobolds, and the hottest DJ ever!
PhoenixCrawl: Level 8 adventure. This fire-themed official Gen Con tournament dungeon promises to be anything but normal. Thereís more at stake than just prizes when its DJ turns out to be more than human!
Coney Island Crawl: Level 11-13 adventure. This insane dungeon crawl is the work of the legendary DJ Faces, a judge famous for being sociopathic, vain, domineering, angry and just plain twisted! Can your crawlers survive the Roller Coaster of Doom?
Emperor's Cup 4700: Level 12 adventure. There is only one championship in the world of Xcrawl: The Emperorís Cup. To win it is to become an instant champion and the idol of millions.