DCC RPG 2014 World Tour

The 2014 World Tour is now concluded! Thank you to everyone who participated. You can still get the “level 1 game” promo pack by submitting notification of new games, but the advancement to further games is being updated for 2015. Check back soon for more information on the 2015 world tour!

The 2014 Worlds Tour is live! Come game with DCC RPG writers, artists, and publishers – as well as fans like yourself! Get free swag and enjoy great games, as well as exclusive adventure modules.

Tour Dates

The DCC RPG crew is already scheduled to appear at these cons. There will be more as the year goes on!

Dates Event Location
Feb. 14-17 DunDraCon San Ramon, CA
Feb. 20-23 TotalCon Mansfield, MA
Mar. 14-16 Coscon Butler, PA
Mar. 27-30 GaryCon Lake Geneva, WI
April 4-6 MepaCon Clark Summit, PA
Apr. 11-13 ConGlomeration Louisville, KY
June 5-8 North Texas RPG Convention Fort Worth, TX
June 11-15 Origins Columbus, OH
June 21 Free RPG Day Everywhere
July 2-6 DexCon Morristown, NJ
July 18-20 KantCon Overland Park, KS 
Aug. 14-17 Gen Con Indianapolis, IN
Aug. 28-Sept. 1 Tacticon Aurora, CO
Aug. 29-Sept. 1 Pacificon Santa Clara, CA
Sept. 19-21 Grandcon Grand Rapids, MI
Oct. 3-5 Necronomicon Tampa, FL
Oct. 16-19 Con on the Cob Hudson, OH
Nov. 7-9 Gamehole Con Madison, WI
Nov. 7-9 TsunamiCon Wichita, KS
Nov. 14-16 Mepacon Clark Summit, PA
Nov. 14-16 U-Con Ann Arbor, MI
Nov. 15-16 Post-Apocalypticon Cleveland, TN
Feb. 6-8, 2015 Marmalade Dog Kalamazoo, MI

Join the Road Crew

The road crew needs you! Run DCC RPG at your local store/con to earn cool swag!

How to participate: It's easy. E-mail us with the date, time, and location of your event; an online link to the event; and your contact info. That's all!

Tell us at least 30 days before your event. That will give us time to ship out your cool swag.

The free swag applies only for running games in physical, brick-and-mortar locations. Any public event at a game store, convention, restaurant, bar, school, church, or other public location qualifies. We encourage you to run online games, but they don't qualify for the swag.

International fans: You can also participate in the road crew! We still offer swag for free. To mitigate overseas shipping costs, we must charge you actual cost for international postage. The international swag pack includes 3x the 1-game set (as described below), with one change to reduce postage costs: it only has 1x 0-level character sheet pad, and 2x pencils. This reduces postage cost to $13.75 Canada, $18.15 Mexico, and $20.45 rest of world. If you would like to order international swag, use the buttons below!

Canada Road Crew
Mexico Road Crew
International Road Crew


The Swag Tiers

Here’s the swag you get for running games! 

Run 1 game and receive 7 bookmarks, 7 character buttons (featuring Hugh, Farrah, Shana, and other characters), 7 temporary tattoos, 7 DCC RPG stickers, 7 mechanical pencils, and 1 pad of 50 0-level character sheets! Plus if you will be attending a convention, let us know and we can also include some badge ribbons.

Run 3 games and receive 1 DCC RPG branded paper pad (great for judge notes!), 7 DCC RPG branded sticky pads (good for player notes!), and 1 pad of DCC RPG branded graph paper.

Run 5 games and receive 7 sew-on patches and 7 beer cozies.

Run 7 games and receive a DCC RPG trucker cap!

Run 9 games and receive a DCC RPG T-shirt!

Run 11 games and a receive a DCC RPG belt buckle!

Interested in last year’s tour? You can view last year’s tour info here!

Swag updates: Over the course of the year we made some minor swag updates as individual items sold out. Here are a few of them:

The updated sticker from the 1-game pack

The updated buttons from the 1-game pack

The diecut stickers from the 5-game pack