Donít just crawl through dungeons... make them sorry they ever met you!

Your adventures are already exciting... characters explore dungeons, crush monsters, and score loot. But maybe you want your adventures to be more. Maybe you want adventures that are things of legend. Maybe you want adventures that are wicked sick. Thatís what Wicked Fantasy Factory gives you: axes hacking, spells exploding, and blood spewing.

Wicked Fantasy Factory adventures amp up your game with these sick improvements:

  • E-Z stat blocks, formatted to put the important combat statistics at your fingertips
  • Finishing moves, with rules to make characters more heroic
  • Mooks and big bosses, with rules to make combat more dramatic
  • Over-the-top action, for adventures that don't slow down!
Wicked Fantasy Factory Adventures
This table includes currently available titles as well as upcoming releases. Click on a cover for more info.

#0: Temple of Blood

#1: Rumble in the Wizardís Tower

#2: Against the Iron Giant

#3: Throwdown with the Arm-Ripper

#4: A Fistful of Zinjas