Wicked Fantasy Factory Adventures

#0: Temple of Blood: Level 1. A missing maiden. An ancient temple. A sinister villain. And plenty of kobold ass to kick!
#1: Rumble in the Wizardís Tower: Level 1. The heroes must assault Morrick Tower to stop a calculating warlord from overthrowing the kingdom!
#2: Against the Iron Giant: Level 3. Can the heroes stop a gigantic, iron-shod, town-crushing, monster-smashing war machine? 
#3: Throwdown with the Arm-Ripper: Level 3. To help a prince, the heroes have to battle the Arm-Ripper - a hulking brute who takes pleasure in plucking the limbs off things smaller than him!
Wicked Fantasy Factory #4: A Fistful of Zinjas: Level 4 adventure. A castle composed of darkness and shadow stuff has materialized at the edge of the duchy of Arnatha. Finishing moves, mooks, phat lewt, movie rights, and the Big Badass return in this edgy new Wicked Fantasy Factory adventure!