“Cash for Clunkers” From Goodman Games

Save up to 50% on Goodman Games products when you trade in your used Wizards of the Coast 3E books via mail order!

Yes, we’re serious! We will give credit for Wizards of the Coast 3E trade-in books in good condition at 20 cents on the dollar. You can use this credit toward any purchase of our products for a discount of up to 50%.

Example: Let’s say you trade in a third edition Player’s Handbook, originally valued at $29.99. You get 20% credit, so we will give you $6.00 off a Goodman Games purchase of $12.00 or more. For a purchase of $11.99 or less, you would receive a discount of 50%.
Even with shipping, you save. USPS media mail costs approximately $4.72 to ship the three core books for a $18.00 credit.

Download the order form now for complete details!