Card Games

Scavenger Hunt

Scaveger Hunt is a hilarious game in which ravenous animals out-sneak, out-wit, and out-fight each other in an effort to acquire the most animal carcasses. Each player takes the role of one of the scavengers, trying to get the tasty vittles home for consumption at leisure. Be the best carrion-eater you can be! More... 110 cards + rules, $19.99
World Championship Dodge Ball

It's that time of the year again: The best teams have made the playoffs, and the World Championship is about to start. Though gone to the public, dodge ball is certainly not forgotten. It's time for World Championship Dodge Ball! Screw fame and fortune -- you're here for BLOOD! Put on your shorts, inflate the balls, and remember: HELMETS ARE FOR WIMPS! More... 110 cards + rules, $19.99
Geek Wars: Battle for the Con - Deck 1: RPG Gamer

Sold Out!
This hilarious 2-player card game pits geek against geek in a tongue-in-cheek battle for control of Jim Con. Look for cards like "Always Plays the Cleric," "Didn't You Know There's a 5th Edition?", and "The Lake Geneva Sucker Punch." More... 55 cards + rules, $9.99