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Blackdirge’s Dungeon Denizens

Tired of facing the same old kobolds? Here you'’ll find unique monstrous foes from levels 1 to 30, plus a few old classics updated for the newest edition of the world’s most popular role-laying game. More... 144 pages, hardcover, $24.99
Crime Pays
Everything a player or DM needs to bring the grim and gritty underworld into stark focus in a fantasy world. Forget thieves’ guilds – this is the mafia in a world of dragons and magic! More… 96 pages, $21.99
Monstercology: Orcs
The first in a series of master tomes that illuminate the strengths and weakness of the foes that prey upon the kingdoms of good, Monstercology: Orcs brings mankind’s oldest enemy to light.  More... 84 pages, $21.99
DM Campaign Record
Just as every player needs a character sheet, every DM needs a campaign record!  More... 16 pages, $4.99


Amethyst: Foundations
Open your spellbook. Load your gun. Make a choice! A complete 4E setting. More… 288 pages, hardcover, $34.99


Death Dealer

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Level 7-9 adventure. An epic of dark fantasy, magic, horror, and savage combat!  More… 96 pages, $9.99
Master Dungeons M1: Dragora's Dungeon
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Some explorers perish in pit traps while others found fiefdoms. What sets them apart? Master dungeons: heroes are chiseled from the challenges they face, and those who conquer master dungeons rise to be kings. More... 48 pages, $12.99 
Master Dungeons M2: Curse of the Kingspire

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The folk of Kingshire have vanished like ghosts into the swamp. Cast into a foreign realm of endless horror and bloodshed, it will take all your courage and cunning to end...the Curse of the Kingspire. More... 64 pages, $15.99 
In Search of Adventure

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Collected for the first time: six all new adventures by some of the brightest writers of the new edition! More... 112 pages, $19.99 
From Here to There
Take the adventure out of the dungeon with these travel-themed adventures!  More... 80 pages, $19.99
DCC #53: Sellswords of Punjar

In the rat-ridden slums of Punjar, the Beggar-King's ambitions threaten to unleash a horde of shadow-horrors upon the huddled masses. Can the heroes stop him? More... 40 pages, battle map, $14.99
DCC #54:Forges of the Mountain King

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Level 1 adventure. Explore the forgotten mountain fastness and its fabled dwarven horde! More... 48 pages, $14.99 
DCC #55: Isle of the Sea Drake
Level 1 adventure. Are you and your companions the heroes that can bring back the head of the sea dragon? Or will you perish like those before you, adrift on the unforgiving sea?  More... 56 pages, $14.99
DCC #56: Scions of Punjar
Level 4 adventure. When the dead stalk the ancestral estates of Punjar, can even the mightiest of heroes emerge triumphant? Or will their corpses join the army of walking dead as the Scions of Punjar? More… 56 pages, $13.99
DCC #57: Wyvern Mountain

Level 4 adventure. High atop the Ul Dominor Mountains stands the lonely peak known as Wyvern Mountain. A tribe of brazen goblins has unwittingly unlocked the draconic menace concealed within. More... 44 pages, $11.99
DCC #58: The Forgotten Portal
Hidden deep in the heart of the Southlands, where the jungles steam and life is won and lost at the end of blade, is a hidden tomb -- the final resting place of a mighty Xulmec warrior.  More... 64 pages, $15.99
DCC #59: Mists of Madness
Level 1. Undisturbed for untold eons, now the machinations of cultists and their eladrin master threaten to awaken an archlich... More... 32 pages, $2.00
DCC #60: Thrones of Punjar
Level 7-9. When the city's greatest nobles strike bargains with abominations, it will take both cunning and courage to face down the dark fiends! More... 56 pages, $13.99
DCC #61: Citadel of the Corruptor
Level 7-9 adventure. When the forces of the wicked Mountain King discover an eldritch weapon of unmatched power, the future of the Northlands hangs in the balance! More... 48 pages, $12.99
DCC #62: Shrine of the Fallen Lama
Level 10-12 adventure. The Shrine of Zongxian was once a force for good, but arrogance and hubris laid the shrine low, and now evil sits atop the high mountain throne. More... 40 pages, $13.99
DCC #63: The Warbringer’s Son
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Level 1 adventure. The bloodiest tournament module on record is now available for home play!  More... 112 pages, $21.99
DCC #64: Codex of the Damned
Level 5 adventure. Something is lurking beneath the ruined church, a gallery of blasphemous, heretical tomes that conceals an artifact of inestimable power! More... GMG5063, 48 pages, $12.99
DCC #65: Caves of the Crawling Lord
The heroes uncover the lost catacombs of a forgotten tiefling kingdom. Soon they are in a realm of madness and entropy ruled by the crawling lord of the caves! More… 56 pages, $14.99
DCC #66: The Vampire’s Vengeance

The Vampire's Vengeance is a story in four parts as a simple treasure-hunt uncovers evidence of an ancient vampire’s scheme. More… 56 pages, $14.99
Wicked Fantasy Factory #4: A Fistful of Zinjas
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Finishing moves, mooks, phat lewt, movie rights, and the Big Badass return in this edgy new Wicked Fantasy Factory adventure! More... 48 pages, $12.99

Player Resources

Azagar’s Book of Rituals
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300 new rituals covering heroic, paragon, and epic play, with an exhaustive set of indexes!  More...  160 pages, $14.99
Character Codex
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Some explorers perish in pit traps while others found fiefdoms. What sets them apart? Master dungeons: heroes are chiseled from the challenges they face, and those who conquer master dungeons rise to be kings. More... 16 pages, $4.99 
Level Up #1

Issue #1 of Goodman Games’ official new 4E Magazine! More... 56 pages, $4.00
Level Up #2
Issue #2 includes Villains of Eberron, 4E stats for the creatures of H.P. Lovecraft, a level 12 “Cthulhu Crawl Classics” adventure for 4E, Amethyst: Choices & Consequences, and more!  More... 64 pages, $4.00
Level Up #3
The ugly side of fey, the knave multiclass, and more in the latest issue of our 4E magazine!  More... 64 pages, $4.00
Hero’s Handbook: Tiefling
Embrace the darkness.  Bring new character, history and new depth to your tiefling character!  More... 96 pages, $19.99
Hero’s Handbook: Dragonborn

The essential dragonborn player’s resource, featuring new feats, paragon paths, and clans, as well as new ancestral paths. “Do not fear death, only the shame of defeat.” More... 96 pages, $19.99
Hero’s Handbook: Eladrin
Rich with culture, new magic items, monsters and character options, this is the essential eladrin player’s resource.  More... 80 pages, $19.99
Forgotten Heroes: Scythe & Shroud

This GSL sourcebook introduces death as a new power source for 4E characters, with four new character classes: the assassin, deathwarden, necromancer, and spiritsworn! More... 112 pages, $19.99
Forgotten Heroes: Fang, Fist, and Song
This GSL sourcebook provides players with everything they need to play four new base classes in their 4E games: druid, barbarian, monk, and bard!  More… 88 pages, $19.99