Raptor Tactician Feats


You know how to best maneuver yourself in battle.

Prerequisite: Knowledge (strategy and tactics)

Benefit: This feat requires a good deal of discretion by the GM. As a general rule of thumb, it represents the hero’s ability to always end up in the best spot once the shooting starts. You are skilled at moving around a combat scene to take advantage of terrain while forcing your enemies into positions of weakness. You always end up behind cover, next to the exit or behind the big guy. You are able to position your enemies so they have the sun in their eyes, rubble at their feet or face an uphill slope. You are able to force this positioning through seemingly nonchalant motions on your part, or by moving your own body to threaten the enemy and force him to move.

The feat does not allow you to run through a hail of gunfire and duck behind cover, or somehow switch positions with enemies across the room. But if both you and the enemy are within leaping distance of the cover, it allows you to somehow always end up behind the cover.

This feat requires time to maneuver so that the subtle positioning can take place. This can be done during combat or during parleying if it precedes the battle. The maneuvering takes however long you need to get where you want to be, and is only possible if you can physically make that movement. You must make a check against DC 10. If successful, you manage to move into position. If the check fails, you can’t make your movements without your opponent realizing your intentions.

Astute opponents may realize what’s going on. This feat is counterbalanced by successful Sense Motives skill check.


You have a natural talent for coordinating others in battle.

Prerequisite: Knowledge (strategy and tactics)

Benefit: Your character can take a Full Attack action to direct the combat of his comrades. He shouts commands, coordinates attacks, analyzes enemy movements and warns of potential enemy strategies. Higher-level characters are typically already aware of most of the tactics he can add to a battle, so combat tactics have the greatest influence on lower-level characters.

While directing combat, the character may do nothing other than take his 5-foot step. In other words, he sacrifices his attack to assist the tactics of his allies. Directing combat provokes attacks of opportunity.

The character can command a number of people equal to his level, provided they are friendly and can communicate with him. After the character has used his action to direct combat, make a difficulty check for each person he tries to affect. This check determines how useful his advice is to the person, and how well the person follows his direction. The DC for each person is their level plus 5. The character receives a bonus to his roll equal to his Charisma modifier. Make one check at the beginning of the battle, and apply the result for the duration of the battle.

Each person who is affected has these benefits:

  •  The person receives a +1 circumstance bonus to attacks.
  •  The person receives a +2 circumstance bonus to initiative in all subsequent rounds.

The benefit of combat tactics is even greater when everybody does what they’re supposed to. If the character successfully affects 75 percent or more of the friendly creatures involved in combat, every friendly creature in the combat – even those not affected – receives the +2 initiative bonus. The +1 attack bonus continues to apply only to those affected.


You are aware of classic positions and situations for ambushes, sneak attacks and forced moves.

Prerequisite: Knowledge (strategy and tactics).

Benefit: Your knowledge of military history, classic battles, and strategy and tactics makes you aware of any situation where you could be ambushed. You receive a +4 circumstance bonus to Listen and Spot checks in situation where surprise is due to ambush or environmental conditions – for example, opponents hidden in bushes, charging around a corner and so on.

You also are attentive to combat situations where it looks like an enemy is trying to herd you or otherwise direct your motion through their attacks. You receive a +4 circumstance bonus to Sense Motive in such situations. This bonus applies if an enemy tries to use the Combat Placement feat against you.

SNEAKY GIT (General)

You have a natural talent for making good use of cover and moving stealthily. You would make a good scout.

Prerequisites: Dex 13+.

Benefits: Enemies suffer a –2 circumstance penalty to Spot or Listen checks against you.