Goodman Games is pleased to announce that it will award $1,000 to the fan who solves the puzzle in an upcoming 4E adventure module. The $1,000 Module will be released in Summer 2010 featuring a devious puzzle pointing to a real-life location somewhere in the continental United States of America. An object of interest will be hidden in that real-life location. The first reader to follow the clues in the module, locate the object of interest, and return it to Goodman Games will win $1,000 in cash.

“Goodman Games has a proven track record of publishing exciting adventure modules that flex both muscle and mind,” said Joseph Goodman, President of Goodman Games. “This entertaining adventure will give readers a chance to flex their role-playing acumen not just in a fantasy world, but also in a real-life setting.”

“This is one of the most interesting adventures I’ve been asked to write,” said John Doe, secret author of the adventure module. “I think that role players everywhere will find that this is a challenge worth taking on.”

A world-neutral stand-alone module designed to be dropped into any setting, the $1,000 Module will be a top-notch fantasy adventure in its own right. In addition to the usual assortment of thrilling combats, hazards, traps, puzzles, and characters that populate all Goodman Games adventures, the $1,000 Module also features an element of real-life excitement. The $1,000 Module will utilize the 4E rules system.

The object of interest and associated clues will be revealed with the module’s publication. Additional terms and conditions will apply, to be clarified in the published adventure module. 

Goodman Games is a publisher of role playing games, adventures, and accessories that celebrates its eighth anniversary this year. It is best known for its Dungeon Crawl Classics line of adventure modules, the longest-lived and most popular d20 product on the market. For more information, visit