Goodman Games is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Forgotten Realms® creator and legendary fantasy author Ed Greenwood to publish Ed Greenwood’s Fantastic Worlds, a line of rules-neutral role playing supplements slated for release starting in spring 2010. The first release will cover castles, keeps, and fortifications, with future books scheduled to cover world-building, city design, mythology, and other subjects.

From one of the undisputed masters of fantasy literature comes an essential reference source for all fantasy game masters. Ed Greenwood’s Fantastic Worlds is a line of hardback sourcebooks that will bring your campaign setting to life. With instructive commentary on world design, practical examples, randomized tables, and a deep well of thought-provoking insight, Ed Greenwood’s Fantastic Worlds gives you the building blocks you need to inspire both yourself and your players. Each hardback covers a different subject, ranging from castles to cultures, and all subject matter is systems-neutral so you can use it in any edition of your favorite RPG. Look for Ed Greenwood’s Fantastic Worlds at a game store near you in 2010!

“Ed Greenwood’s work has inspired generations of role players,” said Joseph Goodman, President of Goodman Games. “These sourcebooks have the goal of giving every game master the ability to produce worlds as engaging as the ones that Greenwood himself creates. Each book will have the writing necessary to inspire the game master, and the concrete historical material necessary to put that inspiration into practice.”

“Goodman Games has established a reputation for creating game material that is both solidly playable and inspiring,” said Ed Greenwood. “I hope to live up to that reputation in being a part of this exciting new series of supplements that can help many gamers bring their own vivid new worlds to gaming tables everywhere. When I game, I want to have fun. I want that old excitement back!”

The first release is scheduled to be Ed Greenwood’s Fantastic Worlds: Castles, Keeps, and Fortifications. The impregnable castles of Europe provide a real-life source for inspiring any fantasy campaign. Not only do their floor plans make useful maps, but their histories are filled with dramatic incidents suitable to role playing. Written by Ed Greenwood, Harley Stroh, and Aeryn Rudel, Castles, Keeps, and Fortifications examines these fortresses and their histories with an eye to fantasy role playing, and covers topics ranging from the layout of a throne room to how real-life crenellations might be redesigned with dragons in mind.

Goodman Games is a publisher of role playing games, adventures, and accessories that celebrates its eighth anniversary this year. It is best known for its Dungeon Crawl Classics line of adventure modules, the longest-lived and most popular d20 product on the market.

Ed Greenwood is a New York Times-bestselling fiction writer, and the Origins Award-winning creator of the Forgotten Realms® and the Castlemourn®, Embersea, Darsar, and Falconfar fantasy world settings. He is also the co-designer (with famed fantasy author Lynn Abbey) of the Mornmist world.

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