Other Adventures

In addition to d20 fantasy adventures, Goodman Games also publishes adventures for a variety of other games and systems. Visit our Xcrawl, Etherscope, and DragonMech pages to see the adventures available for our own product lines, and sample the adventures below for other game systems.
Levels Number and Title Themes and Challenges
Castles & Crusades
3-5 GG1: The Mysterious Tower Dungeon hazards, a lost tomb, and strange magical traps that uncover a wizard's tower
4-6 GG2: Palace of Shadows Deadly traps, ingenious riddles, and heinous monsters collected from all over the world!
4-6 GG4: The Slithering Overlord A naga mastermind and his fortified underdeep lair, complete with grimlock centipede-riders, giant shimmering slugs, and drow warriors!
5-7 GG3: The Secret of Smuggler's Cove The undead keeper, a manor full of hazards, the smugglers, their locathah allies, and their evil master
9-11 GG5: The Dread Crypt of Srihoz A vampire and his twisted tomb
Iron Heroes
1 Song of the Blade Cultists and wicked arachnoids
4 To Duel With Dragons A dragon graveyard, an evil wyrm, and 100 enemy warriors!