The most popular fantasy adventures return!

Goodman Games has teamed up with Judges Guild, the original independent fantasy gaming publisher, to put the "adventure" back into fantasy gaming! Judges Guild adventures are where the settings are large and wondrous, but the details are left up to you. They're where fantastic powers arise from the very dust; where each quiet village along the road may contain untold wealth -- or unspeakable evil; and where each mile of the long, long road calls for a strong sword arm, a whispered prayer, and a ready spell.

All Judges Guild adventures from Goodman Games are produced under official license from Bob Bledsaw and the original Judges Guild.

Judges Guild Adventures

This table includes currently available titles as well as upcoming releases. Click on a cover for more info.

Judges Guild Collectorís Edition 

JG1: Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor

JG2: Citadel of Fire

JG3: Dark Tower

Tegel Manor

Citadel of Fire

The Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor

Dark Tower

Judges Guild: Caverns
of Thracia

Judges Guild Book of Treasure Maps