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Fifth Edition Fantasy Kickstarter  – The next modules in the Fifth Edition Fantasy line are almost here! Authored by well-known adventure designers Michael Curtis and Chris Doyle, these adventures combine the streamlined game mechanics of 5E with challenging scenarios explicitly designed to appeal to both long-time gamers and neonates alike. Each adventure includes new races, backgrounds, monsters, spells, and magical items suitable for any 5E campaign. Back the Kickstarter now to get these great adventures!

New Releases – Several of our recent releases will be hitting stores this week:

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Previous Updates

April 17 - Xcrawl Stat Sheets! – Now you can prove that your Xcrawl character is the greatest crawler of all time! Keep track of player statistics like total kills, assists, saves, and spells to make your game more sports-like, and know for sure that you have the league record! Download the Xcrawl stats rules, and a stats sheet for each of your characters.

April 13 - Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon City – Epsilon City is the primary city on the spaceship Warden. Forty years after the original release of Metamorphosis Alpha, this city is finally described in detail! At Gary Con, creator James M. Ward recently announced a collaboration with Goodman Games to release an Epsilon City boxed set. Watch the video below to learn more (start at the 56:36 mark):

April 10 - Purple Ticket Winner – Mark Malone found the Purple Ticket in his Purple Planet boxed set! Mark gets a free Gen Con badge, Harley’s original Purple Planet maps, and a free copy of every Goodman Games release for 2015! He clearly burned a lot of Luck.

April 6 - The Hypercube of Myt…free! – Schedule a Road Crew game in 2015 and get a free PDF copy of the new DCC RPG tournament module The Hypercube of Myt! This is a 0-level adventure that is perfect for running a tournament at a convention or in-store event!

April 3 - DCC Lankhmar contest – Win a seat at a special Gen Con playtest by showing off your knowledge of Nehwon! Six contestants who are both knowledgeable and lucky will sit with Michael Curtis to journey through Lankhmar. Click here for more details!

March 30 - Gary Con Highlights Gary ConVII was a smashing success! 

DCC Lankhmar: A lot of exciting announcements were made at the “What’s New With Goodman Games” seminar, but the most exciting is that there will be Lankhmar products for DCC RPG licensed by the estate of Fritz Leiber! The first product Through Ningauble’s Cave debuted at the con, with more products (and eventually a box set) coming!

Hypercube of Myt: Congratulations to Beth Gobli, Tim Wadzinski, and Tim Murly for winning the first Gary Con DCC RPG tournament: The Hypercube of Myt!

New Releases: Scads of new products were on sale for the first time at Gary Con!

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