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Happy Holidays – Old St. Nick delivered a lot of adventure modules over the last 24 hours. Hope you kids have a dungeon full of fun today! Happy holidays from Goodman Games!

Grimtooth Is Coming – There is less than a month until the Kickstarter launches for Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps Collection. Get your dungeons ready for more than 500 traps, published as massive tome in tribute to an important piece of gaming history. “Watch this space” in early January for more information on the upcoming Kickstarter!

50% Off Sale at W23 – Online e-book reseller W23 is running a sale on Goodman Games PDF’s through the end of December. Make sure to visit the Goodman Games page at W23 to save 50%!

Caption This Photo and Win a Module – Santa Claus is bringing DCC RPG this year! Caption this photo with most clever, funny, or downright “DCC-ish” caption you can come up with. We’ll pick our favorite, and they’ll win a module of their choice! Visit the mememaker site to generate your caption. Post your entry to our Facebook page, or tweet it, with hashtag #DCCXmas. Contest runs until Christmas Eve – enter now!

Previous Updates

December 14 - Even More 5E Coming in 2015 – We’re excited to expand our 5E lineup even more! Fan favorite Michael Curtis has authored Fifth Edition Fantasy #4: War-Lock, which will be launching with Fifth Edition Fantasy #3: The Pillars of Pelagia in a Kickstarter in early 2015!

December 8 - Interview with the Dark Master – Gather, acolytes! Hear the Dark Master speak! The Spellburn podcast interviews Joseph Goodman regarding DCC RPG, Goodman Games, and everything else in between!

December 4 - Lots of New Releases – Visit your local game store this week for a ton of new Goodman Games Goodness! See the cover images at left for everything that arrives in stores, including the Metamorphosis Alpha deluxe hardcover (also shipping to Kickstarter backers), reprints of some digest-sized DCC modules and some “warehouse finds” of Gen Con program guides, including 2014 and limited supplies of the 2013 edition.

And make sure to visit our online store to grab some of our digest-sized stocking stuffer modules for your loved ones – plus DCC RPG gift wrap! Available while supplies last!

December 2 - More Modules for 5E – Based on the success of our first round of 5E modules, we are adding even more! The Fifth Edition Fantasy product line will expand early in 2015 with Fifth Edition Fantasy #3: The Pillars of Pelagia, a level 3 module. Along the windswept sea coast are several natural stone columns, sacred to the Sea Goddess Pelagia. One of these pillars is the tower of a reclusive wizard, a devout follower of Pelagia. A band of fledgling heroes is tasked with entering the Pillars of Pelagia to contend with all manner of magical defenses! Read more and look for a Kickstarter to launch this and even more 5E modules early in 2015!

November 24 - Black Friday Sale – From now until Cyber Monday we are offering some awesome holiday specials! We have 50% savings on great gifts, plus limited-edition digest-sized stocking stuffer editions of modules and DCC RPG gift wrap for your loved ones! Visit our online store for the full details! Or visit to save up to 70% on PDF editions of our best-selling products!

2014 holiday module

Stocking stuffer edition

Stocking stuffer edition

Stocking stuffer edition

Gift wrap!

50% off!

50% off!

November 24 - Maximum Xcrawl Now In Stores - The RPG of televised game-show extreme dungeon-crawling is ready for your home campaign! The hardcover edition of Maximum Xcrawl, powered by Pathfinder, is now in stores! Look for it at your local game store or buy online from Goodman Games!

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