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What’s New at Goodman Games? – The latest installment of our “What’s New at Goodman Games?” seminar happened at North Texas RPG Con. Joe Goodman and Robert Bledsaw II discuss the Judges Guild reprints, Michael Curtis talks about the DCC Lankhmar products, Edgar Johnson goes into detail about Against the Atomic Overlord, and Jim Wampler finally gets to announce Mutant Crawl Classics as an official Goodman Games product! Watch the video of the seminar below:

In stores now! – Several of our recent releases will be hitting retail stores this week! Visit your FLGS to pick up Hugh’s Weird DiceShanna’s Weird Dice, the DCC RPG blacklight poster, and DCC Lankhmar: Through Ningauble’s Cave. Or you can order them through our online store!

Previous Updates

June 23 - Free RPG Day items now for sale – The DCC RPG Judges Screen and Fifth Edition Fantasy #5: Into the Dragon’s Maw can now be purchased through our online store! Get them while you can! 

June 8 - Fifth Edition Fantasy pregens for Free RPG Day Free RPG Day is Saturday, June 20. Find your nearest participating retailer to pick up a free copy of the DCC RPG Judges Screen or Fifth Edition Fantasy #5: Into the Dragon’s Maw! To make your Free RPG Day gaming easier, you can download pregenerated characters for Into the Dragon’s Maw.

June 5 - North Texas RPG Con/Origins new releases – The North Texas RPG Con and the Origins Game Fair are happening this weekend! We’ve got some great new releases available at these conventions:

June 1 - The Gamers’ Yearbook – Does your gaming group have something to brag about? A challenge to throw down? Or do you want to share news about a cool thing you’re working on with your fellow Goodman Games fanatics and have your announcement preserved in glorious paper and ink? This is your chance! We are accepting submissions for The Gamers’ Yearbook, a new feature of the Gen Con 2015 Program Guide. Read the full announcement for more details!

May 29 - Dice and t-shirts in the store – Hugh’s Weird Dice and Shanna’s Weird Dice have made it through the dimensional portal and into our online store! No DCC RPG game is complete without these official funky dice! We also have very limited quantities of several DCC RPG t-shirts. Visit our store to order!

May 25 - Free RPG Day is June 20! – Goodman Games is proud to offer two exciting products for  Free RPG Day this year! For the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, we bring you the official DCC RPG Judge’s Screen! And in the Fifth Edition Fantasy line, we’re giving away the level 12 adventure Into the Dragon’s Maw! Find a participating store near you to get these great products…FREE!

May 22 - Brendan LaSalle interview – Grown As Gamers caught up with Xcrawl creator Brendan LaSalle at MEPAcon and interviewed him for their podcast. Brendan discusses Xcrawl, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Daredevil, his wife, and his omelet making talent. Listen now! The interview starts at 18:30.

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