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Fifth Edition Fantasy now in stores – The two latest additions to the Fifth Edition Fantasy line are now waiting for you! FEF #8: Eye of the Leviathan by Chris Doyle has the characters investigating a murder, and the clues lead to much darker things. In FEF #9: The Fallen Temple by James Floyd Kelly, the characters are pursued through cold lands by a legendary beast. Get both of these great adventures today at your local game shop or on our online store!

Jack Vance comes to DCC – There was big news at Gen Con! We are very pleased to announce our continued exploration of Appendix N works using DCC RPG rules: Jack Vance’s Dying Earth! Jobe Bittman is already hard at work writing and play testing material for a release in late 2017. Like DCC Lankhmar, DCC Dying Earth will be both a setting and a rules supplement.

Previous Updates

August 19 - Gen Con seminar videos – Thanks again to you all for giving us the best Gen Con so far! Videos of most of our seminars are online for your viewing pleasure. 

Book Manufacturing 101, wherein Joseph tells all he’s learned as a producer of books.

How to Write Adventure Modules That Don’t Suck, wherein famous Goodman Games authors tell you their tricks!

The Appendix N seminar, wherein Goodman Games luminaries discuss the influences of Appendix N on D&D and their own personal styles.

What’s New With Goodman Games, wherein we talk about all the exciting things the future holds…including our new license for Jack Vance materials!


August 15 - Gamehole Con - Speaking of the Rodneys, Gamehole Con is coming soon! Gamehole Con is Nov. 4-6 in Madison, WI. We have posted our event schedule for Gamehole Con, so you can plan your trip now!

August 12 - Submit Your Adventure Design by Sept. 9 - You've always wanted to have your DCC RPG adventure published by Goodman Games, right? Here's your chance! The Rodney Awards are a game and adventure design contest presented in collaboration with Gamehole Con. Write a DCC adventure based on one of the images on the DCC Judge's Screen, and we will publish the best submission! Find more information on the Rodneys page!

August 8 - Thanks for an Amazing Gen Con! It’s been a great four days in Indy. We really enjoyed hearing from all the fans, playing all those great games, and just having a blast with our gaming buddies. Now it’s time to sleep for a week and then catch up on everything we missed!

August 3 - Off to Gen Con! The whole gang is on the way to Indianapolis! We’ll be at Gen Con for the rest of the week. Visit us at both #413, and please excuse our delays in answering correspondence and shipping orders while we’re out!

Here’s some late-breaking news right before Gen Con! Make sure to visit booth 413 for all this Goodman Games goodness!

Sign the 40th birthday poster-cards for Metamorphosis Alpha and Judges Guild! Did you know 2016 is the 40th anniversary of both Metamorphosis Alpha and Judges Guild? At our booth we will have poster-sized Happy Birthday cards - and we’d like you to sign them! Our goal is to have at least 500 fans wish a Happy Birthday to these venerable brands. The Metamorphosis Alpha poster-card will be given to James M. Ward, creator of the game, and the Judges Guild poster-card will be given to Bob Bledsaw, Jr., son of the founder. If you do nothing else at Gen Con, please visit our booth to wish these games a happy 40th birthday!
Happy 40th birthday to Metamorphosis Alpha and the Judges Guild!

Enter the Raffle! Everyone who purchases anything at our booth, or attends a seminar, will be entered in our raffle. Return to the booth at 1:00 PM Sunday for the raffle drawing! After we announce our tournament winners, we’ll raffle off fabulous prizes, including original art by Stefan Poag, Brad McDevitt and Peter Mullen, prints by Doug Kovacs, deluxe leatherbound editions of our books, printer proofs, and more! 

Compete In Our Tournaments For Amazing Prizes! There’s still time to participate in our drop-in tournaments! Over the past few years, we have developed two tournament formats that are great for drop-in play. The tournament funnel and spell duel are both a lot of fun, and an RPG format that allows players to rotate in and out. You can drop in, see how long you survive, and maybe win a prize! Check our event schedule and look for these fun tournaments:

  • Enter the Dagon II (DCC spell duel)
  • Warlords of the Purple Planet (DCC board game prototype)
  • Reliquary of the Ancient Ones (MCC)
  • Carnival of the Damned (DCC)

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