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Metamorphosis Alpha Road Crew – Did you know the Road Crew program isn’t just for DCC RPG this year? You can run Metamorphosis Alpha at your local game store or convention and get some MA-specific swag! We have bookmarks, badge ribbons, and custom dice celebrating the first sci-fi RPG ever published. Visit the World Tour page to learn more, and see our Metamorphosis Alpha page to purchase the rulebook and lots of modules! 

Free RPG Day 2016 – This year’s Free RPG Day offering contains two new adventures for DCC RPG. Each of these adventures expands the direction of DCC RPG for an exciting new setting: the first is the world of Fritz Leiber’s Lankhmar, and the second is Mutant Crawl Classics! Free RPG Day is Saturday June 18 at a game store near you! Find a participating store and stop by to load up on free game products! 

Previous Updates

April 25 - Microphones of Madness – Watch the Microphones of Madness webcast for an interview with Jon Hook, author of the upcoming Age of Cthulhu 9: The Lost Expedition. In this adventure, investigators must survive a hostile and alien world filled with mutant dinosaurs and shoggoths! Age of Cthulhu 9: The Lost Expedition will be coming soon to a Kickstarter near you!

April 22 - BEWARE! – Check for traps the next time you go to your local gaming store, because Grimtooth has been seen there! You can purchase Grimtooth’s Ultimate Traps Collection in stores now in softcover, color-cover hardcover, and silver foil hardcover. In our online store, you can buy those or the few remaining copies of the leather-bound edition!

April 18 - Upcoming Cons – Convention season is in full swing now! Meet some of the Goodman Games crew and play games at these upcoming cons:

  • Mepacon (April 22-24, Scranton PA) with Brendan LaSalle
  • BobCon (April 22-24, Kansas City KS) with Jon Hershberger
  • Nexus Game Fair (May 27-30, Milwaukee WI) with Brendan LaSalle
  • North Texas RPG Con (June 2-5, Fort Worth TX) with Michael Curtis, Doug Kovacs, Jobe Bittman, Jon Hershberger and Jim Wampler.
  • Origins Game Fair (June 15-20, Columbus OH) with Brendan LaSalle
  • KantCon (July 22-24, Overland Park KS) with Jon Hershberger

April 15 - Join the Road Crew – The CREW wants YOU! Join the Road Crew, make great new friends, play some awesome games, spread the DCC gospel!  It’s so easy:

1. Run a public game of DCC RPG, Metamorphosis Alpha, or Xcrawl - at a convention, hobby shop, or game day event.
2. Tell us about what you are doing.
3. Collect great swag and Road Crew bragging rights!

We are the Elite, the Eternal, the Goodman Games Vanguard. Join up today!

April 11 - Bundle of Holding – For a short time you can get a Bundle of Holding full of 3.5-edition DCC modules at a great price! The low price of $9.95 gets you four low-level adventures including DCC #29: The Adventure Begins, a 268-page compilation of adventures! If you pay more than the threshold price, you’ll also get four high-level adventures including DCC #50: Vault of the Iron Overlord by Monte Cook! These are only available for two weeks, so buy them soon!

April 8 - North Texas RPG Con – The official guide to Goodman Games events at North Texas RPG Con is here! NTRPG Con is held Jun 2-5 in Fort Worth, TX, and includes great Goodman Games guests like Michael Curtis, Doug Kovacs, and James M. Ward. Event registration opens on April 15, so come get your game on with us! Download the guide here.

April 4 - Gary Con items now for sale – The exciting items produced for Gary Con this year are now for sale in our online store! Get Judges Guild: Dark Tower, DCC #69: The Emerald Enchanter sketch cover, the Dungeon of Nocyrag scratch game, and several new t-shirts! Visit our online store to order.

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