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Two New DCC Modules – If you’re a DCC fan this is a good week for you! We have two DCC RPG adventure modules available now!
  • DCC #82: Bride of the Black Manse is a level 3 adventure. As the adventurers arrive to explore the Black Manse, Mammon calls for his winsome bride. He will leave with a soul at the end of the night. The only question is: Whose?
  • DCC #66.5: Doom of the Savage Kings is back in print after nearly 3 years! Originally released only with the first 1,000 copies printed of DCC RPG, this level 1 DCC adventure takes your characters to the windswept moors and darksome woods of the Savage Kings.

Metamorphosis Alpha On To Stretch Goals – Our Kickstarter campaign to bring back the original 1E edition of Metamorphosis Alpha in a deluxe oversized hardcover has now funded, and passed its first stretch goal! Every copy of the hardcover now includes a free PDF, a free GM screen, and a free poster map of the starship Warden. Wow! The value keeps increasing. If you haven’t already pledged, now is a great time to sign up for this awesome Kickstarter!

GaryCon Seminar Video – Goodman Games went to Lake Geneva, WI for GaryCon last weekend, where we held a seminar on What’s New With Goodman Games. Watch the seminar now to hear the crew discuss adventures, art, barbarians, and upcoming releases. Plus see the official announcement of Metamorphosis Alpha! (at the 37:50 mark)


Previous Updates

April 14 - Metamorphosis Alpha Returns – We are very excited to announce that Goodman Games has reached an agreement with legendary game designer James M. Ward to license publication of the very first sci-fi RPG! Metamorphosis Alpha now returns in a deluxe hardcover edition featuring the original 1976 rules plus loads of extras and new materials! Support the Metamorphosis Alpha Kickstarter now!

April 8 - The World Tour Continues – The legendary Dieter Zimmerman, also known as  Hugh the Barbarian, will be at ConGlomeration running DCC games this weekend (Louisville, KY). Find him to join the fun!

April 2 - Great Games This Weekend – More great games with DCC RPG creators coming this weekend!

March 18 - Support Our Friends at Judges Guild – We are very excited to support our friends at Judges Guild in their new Kickstarter! Please back their City State of the Invincible Overlord project to support a new edition of one of the largest RPG city settings in gaming history! (Note that Goodman Games is not involved in this project. We just really like it and want to support it!)

March 11 - Coming to Coscon -  Visit us at Coscon for lots of great games with Xcrawl creator Brendan LaSalle and DCC RPG artist Peter Mullen! Coscon is this weekend, March 14-16, in Butler, PA, and you can register now for Brendan’s events. Before the con, be sure to check in at The Portal Comics and Gaming in Bethlehem, PA to run Xcrawl and DCC RPG with Brendan!

March 4 -GM’s Day Sale – March 4 is GM’s Day! To celebrate, we are offering 30% off our entire library of PDF e-books. We’re also offering 30% off print copies of select GM-oriented titles! Act now – the sale only lasts until March 10!

February 28 - Adventure Finder for DCC RPG – Need a new adventure for your DCC RPG campaign? Check out our newly updated DCC RPG Adventure Finder, where you can look at every DCC RPG adventure sorted by character level! It’s the perfect way to find the next adventure for your campaign.

February 21 -2014 Worlds Tour Kickstarter – Send DCC RPG on a 2014 World Tour! Fund swag, travel, and games across the known universe, including the Epic Wizard Van! Check out our Kickstarter and pledge now!

February 18 - New PDF Deals – You can save on e-book purchases through February 20 with RPGNow’s We Love Games Sale, where all Goodman Games PDF e-books are 14% off! Even if you’re not seduced by the sale, check out our new bundle deals for great savings when you buy the entire line of Xcrawl, Etherscope, Broncosaurus Rex, Judges Guild, Castles & Crusades modules, Complete Guide sourcebooks, or DCC 3E modules!

February 13 - Xcrawl for August Release – We’re making great progress on the layout for Maximum Xcrawl, the Pathfinder-powered version of Xcrawl! The interior art is nearly complete, and then it will be on to final layout. While the process wraps up, we have moved the release date to August, which will allow for a proper Gen Con release party. Soon we will post previews of the finished book and more information on the Xcrawl launch party!

February 9 - Michael Curtis at Total Confusion – Author and designer Michael Curtis will be at Total Confusion on February 20-23 in Mansfield, MA! Join him for DCC RPG games run by the designer, including playtests of his upcoming Four Phantasmagorias adventure. Total Confusion will also be your first chance to have your picture taken as Hugh the Barbarian!

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