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GenCon Indy

Post by Warduke »

When does registration usually begin? I want to at least fight for a place in this year's tournament. What events are going to be held by the savage Goodman Games horde?
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Gen Con Indy

Post by tacojohn4547 »

Warduke wrote:
When does registration usually begin?

Per the Gen Con Indy website:

Attendee badge pre-registration commences on February 06, 2006 at Noon (PST) and runs thru June 23, 2006, Noon (PST)

Event pre-registration commences May 1, 2006 (12 noon, PST) and runs through June 23, 2006 (12 noon, PST )

Event submission period will end on Friday, April 7th at 11:59PM

Someone from Goodman Games will have to address your other questions.


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Post by goodmangames »

Oh, you know, a couple dungeon crawls and a big tournament... :) We'll post exact details in a couple weeks once we formally submit the final details to Gen Con.
Joseph Goodman
Goodman Games
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