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PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 12:35 pm 
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As I started to look for an old school style game and went through the existing choices I was directed to the upcoming DCC RPG. After some reading of the forums I made the pre-order for the book. I have to say its probably the best "impulse buy" I've done in a long time. Great book and the game is what I was looking for, old school feel with different mechanics that the usual fare that's out there.

Unlike most groups I play exclusively online using VTT's nowadays. My job and the geographical separation from my standard group makes face to face gaming impossible. I would love to run this game for my groups, but of course the lack of a rule set of DCC RPG for Fantasy Grounds puts an obstacle to that. I am well aware of other VTT offerings out there, but for my tastes they fall short of what Fantasy Grounds offers me.

So my question is, would Goodman Games consider letting the Fantasy Ground people make one for inclusion in their software? There are already several others that are available (including Castles and Crusades).

I think it would be a good way to expose the game to a wider audience, beyond the usual face-to-face groups. Even for those whom have groups reuniting with gamer friends that have moved away is always a plus (I game with two of my original group players from 30 years ago though the VTT!).



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PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 12:47 pm 
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You might send a PM to Joseph Goodman directly just to make certain that he sees this, as he'd be "the man" to make the call on this project.

He posts as goodmangames on the boards.

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