Metal vibe vs Standard vibe

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Metal vibe vs Standard vibe

Post by arcadayn » Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:42 am

When the gold foil cover version (or Metal version) was announced, I initially scoffed at paying nearly double price. Nevertheless, my collector's fever eventually took hold, and I changed my pre-order at literally the last second. Despite a few solid packing dings, when the book arrived, I was happy with my decision. Mind you, I'm not a shrink-wrapped collector. I play with everything I buy. I do like to keep stuff in good shape, so I figured with all the use DCC was getting, I should pick up a copy of the regular cover version. Plus, I was able to find a copy for $26.

So, I received my crisp, clean, new copy of DCC and fully expected to give my Metal version a much needed rest. The standard version is still very impressive, and I've always loved the cover art. Yet, the standard version sits prettily on the shelf gathering dust while I continually reference the Metal version. There is something about the Metal version that gives off a different vibe. Metal is definitely an apt sobriquet. It somehow seems to have a more gritty and raw feeling to it.

For those of you who have both versions, which one do you reference most?

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Re: Metal vibe vs Standard vibe

Post by Vanguard » Sun Jun 10, 2012 6:47 am

It depends. I'm currently involved with three different groups. For my home games, I have both on the table, the LE for me and the other for my players.

For my friend's campaign, I brought the LE version of the first time because I knew he would love the cover. He bought his own copy, so for future games I'll bring the standard.

I also run a game using the meetup site at Thw Compleat Strategist. The tables we play on are meant for wargaming, so they're pretty rough on the books. My LE copy is never going to be used there, as I've already put some dings in my standard after just one session.
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Re: Metal vibe vs Standard vibe

Post by TheNobleDrake » Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:24 am

There is something noticeable that happens when I put Skullzy (that's what I call the Metal limited edition) on the table - the player's eyes widen, they lean in to the table, their hands twitch toward their dice and pencil as there survey their character sheet with quick glances interspersed with looking to me...

They know that something serious is about to go down - some demon's skull lays there before them in an eyeless stare at the ceiling, and yet it seems to smile... it wants their blood, and they know it's going to get some.

In all seriousness though, I have 2 standard copies coming (eventually) that I will use as 1) a spare copy for when the players absolutely have to reference something, and 2) a spare copy to leave at a buddy of mine's house in hopes that it will cause him to read, absorb, and gain the desire to Judge a campaign (or at least a few short adventures) so that I can sit "player-side" one of these days.

And all the while, Skullzy is going to sit next to me and barely get opened during play - thanks to purple sorcerer's crawler companion app and a 3 panel home-made GM screen, I only have to open the book during character creation (which I might put the relevant bits of on the outside of my screen instead of the art that rests there now) and to reference more thorough details on a few of the charts I simplified for my screen (I only have the Death Throes and Unique Power random charts from the random monster maker tables... though my screen is in for a bit of redesign now that I've run enough sessions to know what I really need readily at hand... well, probably today actually).

He does his job though... as evident in quoting a player of mine who missed the session that happened the day the Metal edition arrived in the mail. A week following, while I wasn't even thinking about it being on the shelf next to the table and we were starting to get the session rolling he interrupts everything by blurting out "What's that bad-ass looking book on the shelf? The gold and black one."

"Oh this," I said as I pulled the book off the shelf and showed him the front cover before laying it on the corner of the table, "this is just the game we are playing tonight."

His face lit up like it was Christmas morning and Santa brought the stripper he had asked for.

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Re: Metal vibe vs Standard vibe

Post by finarvyn » Sun Jun 10, 2012 5:26 pm

Both covers are nice, but I really love the art on the regular edition.
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