Grand Rapids, Michigan playtest

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Grand Rapids, Michigan playtest

Post by Kruvil »

I'm looking for 1d7+3 DCC RPG beta players. If you live near Grand Rapids, Michigan and want to playtest the DCC RPG beta please PM me.

Details: many Wednesdays during the summer from noon to 4 at Grand Lan. Cost is $5 in store credit (for snacks or games) per player to get a table. If you have kids who can game and are okay with PG-13+ descriptions of violence please bring them along (just let me know so I can hold a spot for them!).

While the DCC RPG has plenty of combat, any campaign I run also has roleplaying and a setting for the characters to explore. The campaign will start with the funnel and the characters that survive will be played in the next game. Players can come and go as needed; they don't need to make each game (but I have to have 4 to run a game).

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