Gobzilla - Step to far?

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Gobzilla - Step to far?

Post by Tinker-Gobo »

Right, where to begin. I've been playing Empire and we decided to integrate the DM Rules into it. Me, being Goblins decided to create Gobzilla (A City Mech A). This is where it started getting out of hand.

In empire i had 7500 lvl 6 Goblin Coglayers who used 7500 Amplifiers onto Gobzilla's massive Steam Cannon. When i worked out the range and the damage, it got severely overpowered (as you would expect a cannon with 7500 amplifiers attached to it).

The steam cannon itself is colossal III, and im not sure but would its range be
6,000,000 feet and it does 7507d20 dmg, but my friend says that its actual range would be 80,530,636,800,000,000,000,000,000,000,000ft (o_o yeah, thats like 80 billion trillian trillian and it does 7507d20 damage aswell.

So i've decided to ask you good people here, whos right. Do you do;
800 x 7500 or 800 ^ 7500?
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Post by mythfish »

I dunno about the range, but...do you have that many d20s? :)
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Post by Tinker-Gobo »

Yeah that is alot of d20s but for empire u take the average of 1 and x by that many then divide by 5 (i don't know why) and thats how much damage is done :shock:
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steam cannon and amplifiers

Post by modus666 »

i dont think amplifiers would work on a steam cannon... as you have to pass energy through them, not a large shell. Now what you would probably use in it's stead is extra boilers, those seem more designed to increase physical output. :)
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Post by Reese »

Official response regarding amplifiers on steam guns and cannons:
http://www.goodman-games.com/forums/vie ... =2056#2056

discussion referenced in official response starts here(not very long, was it?):
http://www.goodman-games.com/forums/vie ... =2007#2007

boils down to: is it balanced?

(me, I still hold that you should only be able to 'amplify' a steam cannon with a boiler :P )
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Post by Charke »

Remember that you would have to increase the SIZE of the amplifiers and they start, what, small? So you need 4 for size med, 16 for size large, 64 for size huge, 256 for size collosal, - and some huge number for a city mech weapon. I would hope this logic would reduce the results to something reasonable. I'd have to run the numbers. Haven't put steam powers on a mech in a while.

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Post by Tinker-Gobo »

Ok, i fixed it. I became a feared dictator in empire and the cannon got balanced (in some of the most bizarre ways... O.o) and i spent millions of gold (which should have fed my people) on the UberCannon.

It now fires a far far far shorter range but deals about the same damage. The DM allowed it (he couldn't not allow it as i had done all the working) and everything was well. :D
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