Printing personal copies of the KS pdf

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Printing personal copies of the KS pdf

Post by Krypto » Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:46 pm

I'm sorry if this has already been asked and answered elsewhere:

I backed the kickstarter at the $110 print level (foil cover, print package, etc) plus add-ons (t-shirt, glow dice, extra corebook, etc). $230 altogether if that matters. Backer number 229 if that matters, too.

My question is this: I'm trying to print my own personal copy of the corebook pdf in hardback from Lulu and I'm getting an error message saying that not all the pages are the same size. I assume Lulu is getting hung up on the maps, but I'm not sure.

I come here humbly begging for assistance from those more Lulu-savvy than I. Could you please help me?

And I assure you, this is for *personal* use only!

All I want is to print off a decent table copy of the pdf because I am dying to run this thing and I don't have access to tablets or any of that jazz. I know that the latest KS updates predict a March 2018 release, but still. I would love to have something in my hands now so I can (hopefully) unleash some mutant goodness on my friends and family for Xmas and New Year.

Any advice and suggestions are welcome!

*And if printing my own hard copy is frowned upon by Goodman Games, I will happily cease and desist. Again, any advice and suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

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Re: Printing personal copies of the KS pdf

Post by Blood Axe » Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:11 pm

I got mine done at Staples, $25 I think. Any of those big office chains print out and bind.
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Re: Printing personal copies of the KS pdf

Post by Sorn1808 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:37 pm

You could also edit the pdf to remove the map, and upload that version to Lulu so all the pages are the same size.

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