Write Magic........on ammunition.

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Write Magic........on ammunition.

Post by Jester4108 » Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:44 pm

Would it be permissible for a spell written on a piece of ammunition able to be cast with the normal attack die?
For example: A spell written on an arrow head using the characters attack roll as the casting check.

I know it would be expensive to make these, etching on an arrowhead, sling stone, or bullet casing would be an atypical surface which would double the cost. And since you are changing the "Trigger" of the spell you could apply a -2 penalty to casting into the ammo, or possibly the attack roll having a penalty for using odd ammo.

Some of the wording of Write Magic would have to be interpreted differently as well; you would only be able to cast certain spells into ammo and maybe disallow the caster to inscribe runes/curses on top of it. Only one spell per ammunition piece could be allowed, but if you make the check and it allows 2 1st level spells you could make 2 pieces of ammunition.

I believe it would also make sense if you couldn't use mighty deeds in conjunction with enchanted ammo due to the character being distracted by the eldritch energies being used. It should also be noted that the standard attack is overridden by the spell. I.e You are just shooting a fireball, not a fireball AND an arrow.

You couldn't spellburn with them, you would have limited spell-duel ability, and of course nat ones would be corruption as usual :twisted:

Would those rules work or are they a bit too out there? Thoughts? Opinions?
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Re: Write Magic........on ammunition.

Post by GnomeBoy » Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:30 pm

You could do it that way... but it sounds to my ear like some kind of martial wizard class...

Were it me, I'd say the caster is enchanting the ammo, and they should roll a spellcheck when they set it up. That's what gets triggered when the ammo is used. And I have no problem with whomever is shooting the ammo getting their normal class abilities and normal attack stuff along with the magic effect.
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